Impact Wrestling Results (3/22): "Feast Or Fired" Cases Revealed, Knockouts, Monster's Ball Match

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- Earlier today, Moose, Petey Williams, EC3, and Eli Drake enter the building with their respective cases.

- Recap of last week's "Feast or Fired" match.

- Alberto El Patron heads out to the ring and says he finally has a real champion to face, not some paper champion. Alberto continues that Aries calls himself the "Greatest man who ever lived" but that's not him, that's Alberto. He goes to leave and out comes Aries with all of his titles. Alberto sarcastically claps for Aries as the champ sits on the top turnbuckle. Aries says Alberto and him may be from different places, but are still similar, they both love wrestling. Aries says he calls himself "The Truth" in an industry with a lot of fake people. Aries says when he looks at Alberto's eyes, he sees him being disingenuous.


The champion wants to put all the nonsense aside and just fight at Redemption. Alberto tells Aries that he knows he's not the real champion until he defeats Alberto. Little more trash talking and Alberto says to play Aries music as he heads to the back. Aries stops him and appreciates the gesture but asks the back to play Alberto's music, and tells him to enjoy his music because this is the only time Alberto's music will be played last.

- In studio, Sonjay Dutt and Josh Mathews previewing Redemption's main event between Aries and El Patron. Later tonight Matt Sydal will face Rohit Raju, Monster's Ball between Abyss and Kongo Kong, and the case reveal.

Trevor Lee (with Caleb Konley) vs. Fallah Bahh

Crowd with a "Bahh!" chant. Lee starts talking trash and Bahh bounces him back with his belly. "No! No! No!" Bahh yells and follows it with a shoulder tackle. Lee tries to drop down, but Bahh steps right on his back. Konley with a slight distraction and Lee attacks from behind. Bahh tries for a crossbody, misses and goes to the floor. Lee with a punt kick and pulls the ref away as Konley tosses Bahh into the stairs.


Action back in the ring, Lee with a number of strikes on the grounded Bahh, cover, two. Lee – for some reason – tries for a sunset flip, nope, Bahh just sits right down on him. Lee tries to get out of the ring and Bahh ends up pulling both Lee and Konley into the ring and then he rolls over both wrestlers. Samoan drop on Lee, pin, foot on the rope. Bahh heads up to the second rope, Lee tries to german suplex him off the turnbuckle. Lee gets the ref's attention, Konley with an uppercut, Lee with a super roll-up from the second rope.

Winner: Trevor Lee via Pinfall

- Creepy cam, oVe looks to be stalking out Alisha Edwards at a hotel. At the Impact Zone, this video is showing and McKenzie Mitchell gets Eddie Edwards' attention who quickly takes off. Callihan gets someone from the hotel to unlock her room door for him as we head to break.

- Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell talks with Petey Williams and asks what if there's an Impact World Championship title shot in there. Williams talks about the first time he had a case and it led to him becoming the X Division champ. No matter the outcome, he's still the Canadian Destroy.


Rohit Raju vs. Matt Sydal with Josh Mathews (X Division Championship)

Feeling out process early on, Raju finally gets a string of strikes, cover, two. Sydal with a spinning heel kick, continues to dominate with a running dropkick in the corner. Raju finally gets back into this with a bunch of strikes and a spinning neckbreaker as we head to break. Standing moonsault by Sydal. Mathews talking some trash to the fans at ringside.

Sydal with some kicks, Raju hits a sweep kick to bring Sydal down. He charges in on the champion with a running forearm, running big boot, running knee, cover, two-count. Jumping knee by Raju, another cover, two. Sydal with a sliding bridge german suplex. Sydal heads to the top, Raju stops that, climbs up to the second rope. Sydal with a sunset flip powerbomb, gets back up top, shooting star press, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Matt Sydal via Pinfall

- Backstage, McKenzie talks with Moose who says this is his year, and he will be Impact World Champion this year.


- Backstage, McKenzie speaks with Eli Drake and gets his thoughts on "Feast or Fired." Drake notices the fancy locks on the case so the guys can't get a sneak peek. In regards to getting fired, he's been fired from all kinds of jobs, even other wrestling companies, so he's not too worried. Drake then runs down some of his accomplishments that came after getting fired.

Allie (c) vs. Sienna (Impact Knockouts Championship)

Sienna off to a quick start, stomps away at Allie in the corner. Allie turns things around with numerous forearms in the corner, goes for a third one and gets kicked right in the face. Allie with multiple forearms, tries for a crossbody, Sienna catches her and hits a fallaway slam, cover, two. Allie works her way back, Sienna gets thrown into the corner, Allie with a dropkick to her backside.

Allie tries for a codebreaker, blocked, and hits it on the second try. Cover, only two. Allie tries for a superkick, blocked, Sienna with a discus lariat, cover, two. Allie with a superkick, cover, 1-2-3.


Winner: Allie via Pinfall to retain the Knockouts Championship

- Post-match, Braxton Sutter comes out to talk with Allie. Sutter says he's trying to figure out what's important. "Shut your mouth!" chant from the crowd. Sutter says when he closes his eyes and thinks about what's important, it's you "Laurel," whoops, wrong name. Sutter then tries to propose to Allie, shakes her head no as Su Yung comes in from behind and attacks Allie! Yung hits a rough looking samoan driver as Sutter just looks on. Crowd doesn't really know how to react to this. Sutter claps for Yung who grabs her things and bails out of the ring.

- Backstage, McKenzie asks EC3 what he thinks is in the case and it's his destiny. As he tries to talk, Moose, Richard Justice, Fallah Bahh, Moose, Tyrus, Ishimori, and Johnny Impact, Lashley all (in their own way) say he's getting fired.

- Hotel, Eddie Edwards runs in to see if his wife is okay. Edwards gets to the hotel room and yanks the blankets away to find his wife sleeping. She's wondering what's going on and he says nothing as he checks over the room. Edwards heads out and bumps into what looks like the hotel worker we saw earlier, but it's actually Sami Callihan dressed up as a woman, lol. The two start brawling and Alisha comes out telling them she called the cops.


- Back from break we see a recap of what just happened between Edwards and Callihan. Dutt runs down the history between the two wrestlers and preview what's still to come tonight.

- Recap of the rivalry between Kongo Kong and Joseph Park/Abyss.

Kongo Kong with Jimmy Jacobs vs. Abyss with James Mitchell (Monster's Ball Match)

Kongo Kong hammers away on Abyss to get us started. Kongo misses in the corner, Abyss with a trash can to the face that sends Kongo out to the floor. Kongo brings in a table and sets it in the corner. Kongo climbs up top, Abyss is able to get over and toss him off the top rope. Abyss grabs a bag of thumbtacks and dumps them on the mat. Abyss looking for a chokeslam, Jacobs whacks him in the back with a kendo stick, Abyss backs him into Mitchell who has a nail-filled bat. Kongo saves Jacobs, headbutt and chokeslam on the tacks.

Kongo with the pin on the tacks, but Abyss kicks out at two. Kongo sets a table up and puts Abyss on it. Kongo climb up to the top, but Abyss catches him and powerbombs Kongo through the table. Abyss with the cover, kick out at two. Abyss brings barbed wire board in the middle of the ring and ends up getting chokeslamed into it. Kongo climbs to the top rope and hits a big splash for the victory.


Winner: Kongo Kong via Pinfall

- Jeremy Borash (lol) is in the ring with EC3, Moose, Petey Williams, and Eli Drake for the case reveals. Three title shots and one guy gets fired. First up is Drake who gets a tag team title shot, he doesn't seem so thrilled with that. "What am I supposed to do with this? I don't even have a tag partner, who am I supposed to win this with?" He launches the case out of the ring, and heads to the back.

Next up is Petey Williams, who receives an X Division title shot, he's pretty happy about that pick. Last up is EC3 and Moose and they open their cases at the same time. Moose gets an Impact World Championship shot, he says again this is the year of Moose and laughs at EC3 who hasn't moved since finding out he's fired. He says that's not his case, that's Ishimori's case, and refuses to open the case. Borash is the one who ends up opening it.


EC3 says this is a joke right, but Borash tells him it's very real and he's done with Impact. EC3 gets on the mic and talks about how he's carried this company for the past few years. The crowd cheers and he tells them to stop cheering while he's putting himself over. He says he can't be fired, "I'm Dixie Carter's nephew!" EC3 ends up smacking Borash with the case. Brian Cage comes out and drops EC3 to finish the show.