Ivory Reveals Which WWE Hall Of Famer Was Stiff With Her When She Signed With WWE

WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin recently spoke with 2018 WWE Hall Of Fame nominee Ivory. Among many other things, Ivory discussed how she got her start with WWE. Additionally, Ivory talked about her early troubles working with WWE Hall Of Famer Jacqueline Moore.

Apparently, Ivory got her start in WWE after she received a call from Jim Cornette. The former Tina Ferrari got booked for a one-shot deal and agreed to do the show provided that she could still make it in time to attend her day job as a Revlon cosmetics instructor the following morning.

"Jimmy Cornette called me and he was working for [WWE] and he had gotten my [telephone] number from Howard Brody, who worked with all ladies' shows like AWA or something. And he was good friends with Luna [Vachon] and we go way back, so Howard gave him my number and he said, 'we're looking for a girl who could look good in a dress and take a bump.' And they needed her to show up in Phoenix [Arizona] for one of the [WWE] shows, so I said, 'sure, I can do that date.'" Ivory contined, "I said, 'as long as I can bring my Revlon s–t, I can do the show for you. I'll get on a plane that night because I've got to teach the next morning in San Francisco [California].' 'Sure.'"

Ivory did not know at the time of her call with 'Corny' that she was being brought into WWE to be a ho for The Godfather.  

"I learned early on, in the car ride over to the arena, that I was going to be posing as one of The Godfather's hoes of the ho train." Ivory continued, "I was like, 'sure, I can do that part. That ought to be great.' So when I came to the locker room, the girls informed Steve Lombardi that, 'the hoes go dress in the bathroom – they don't come in our locker room.' And he stood up for me. Actually, Luna stood up for me and said, 'she's a worker! She's not a ho!'"

Ivory divulged that Jackie gave her a rather harsh welcome to WWE and that she had to convince 'The Pride Of Tennessee' to work less stiff.  

"I was kind of her punching bag for about nine months," Ivory recalled. "I started to feel like, 'man, I don't even like this anymore. It hurts too much!' And people started nudging me and the guys would say, 'you've got to put your foot down!' And I put my foot down by saying, 'that's not what wrestling is.' Nobody wants to pay to see a real chick fight because it's ugly and it doesn't sell."

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Source: The Steve Austin Show