Jeff Hardy Injury Update, WWE SuperCard "Spring Into The Ring", The Rock Reveals Rampage Preview

- The Rock's YouTube channel posted this video of the former WWE Champion giving an exclusive sneak peek of the Rampage movie that hits theaters on April 13th.

- WWE Games sent us the following update to the WWE SuperCard mobile game today:

2K today announced a new in-game promotion for WWE SuperCard Season 4 fans: Spring into the Ring!

Beginning today and running through Tuesday, March 27, Spring into the Ring provides players with access to Seeds that can be pulled from the Draft Boards. If players acquire eight Seeds, they can be thrown into the Fusion Chamber to create one of six different WWE Superstar or spring-themed parts, such as Tape, Chairs, Sunshine, Weights, Boots and Watering Cans.

Players can also combine one of each part, a Seed and either a WrestleMania 33, SummerSlam '17 or Beast Card via the Fusion Chamber and wait for it to bloom into a Spring Superstar card!

In addition, Spring into the Ring players eager for a head start can access two new packs now available in the Store: The Seed Pack and the Superstar Parts Pack.

For further details on Spring Into the Ring, check out the blog post here:

For more information on the WWE SuperCard series and 2K, visit, become a fan on Facebook or follow the game on Twitter.

- Jeff Hardy's wife Beth noted on Twitter this morning that she dropped Jeff off at his final physical therapy appointment. As noted, Jeff was scheduled to begin training at the WWE Performance Center later this month as he gets ready to return from a torn labrum & torn rotator cuff but there's no word yet on if his weekend DWI arrest has changed those plans.

Hardy has not commented on the arrest but he did post the following today after his final visit with Pinehurst Surgical in Pinehurst, NC:

ThankYou @PSurgical1946 physical therapy dept! . . !My shoulder is no longer O B S O L E T E!:)!


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