John Cena Talks Daniel Bryan's Current Health And WWE In-Ring Return

Above is new video of TMZ Sports catching up with John Cena to ask him about brother-in-law Daniel Bryan finally getting cleared to return to the ring for WWE.

"From a fan's perspective, I think it's wonderful because they all want to see him and they all know what he's capable of. From a family perspective, I've had a chance to talk with Bryan at great length about his passion for wrestling and it's what he was born to do," Cena said. "I know deep down how he feels about it and to be told it's over when it isn't time to be over, for him it was very shocking.

"What people don't know is that young man did absolutely everything possible to challenge the word no and how ironic it is that he's known so much for the 'yes! yes! yes!' as he turned no into yes, and he worked his ass off to make that happen. There's no more deserving a person, of a moment in the middle of a WWE ring than Bryan Danielson. I'm extremely happy for him, I'm happy for Brie and their family because it affects my family. It's a wonderful day for all of us that are close to Bryan."

The reporter also asked if it's important that Bryan's story might help shed a light on concussions and the issues they bring. Cena praised Bryan for not giving up and said he's one of the healthiest people in WWE.

"I think segregating it to what we do for an occupation is too small. If you have a medical issue, find out what the issue is and do your damnedest to make yourself healthy and better," Cena said. "That's exactly what Bryan did. He's been through every single protocol ten-fold, he dedicates a majority of his day. He's either being a husband, a father or getting healthier. He's one of the healthiest people in WWE and it just takes a lot of convincing of other minds that he's that healthy. But he's confident in his position and he's back where he belongs. This is a personal welcome back home."


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