John Cena Was "Emotionally Moved" When The Undertaker's Streak Was Broken, Talks Possible Match

John Cena recently spoke with ESPN and said WrestleMania 34 won't be a WrestleMania without The Undertaker, who Cena recently challenged to a match in New Orleans.

"At my core, I'm a fan," Cena said. "I'm a member of the WWE universe and I've thought about this a lot. I was emotionally moved when the streak was broken. Last year was an emotional performance. Then you get closer and closer to WrestleMania, and you realize it's not a WrestleMania without The Undertaker.

"You hold the ticket in your hand and you realize a portion of that ticket goes to hearing his music, seeing The Undertaker. That is WrestleMania. I know there will come a day where that changes -- I just don't think it's now. Whether it happens or not, it is officially out of my hands, and I think it's out of everyone else's hands except one person."

Cena seems confident that he and The Dead Man can put on a top notch match for the fans in New Orleans.

"If it does happen, I don't think anyone who buys a ticket to WrestleMania will walk away throwing the stub up in the air going, 'I wish he wouldn't have showed up,'" Cena said. "I hope he does. I hope he understands the impact that he has on the current WWE Universe. He is WrestleMania."

Source: ESPN


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