Jon Bravo Taking A Break From YouTube Videos, Ryback Causes Rusev To End Live Chat, The Rock - Conan

- The Rock was on Conan this week and performed the sketch above where Conan O'Brien became his "Rampage" stunt double.

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- Rusev and Lana took part in a live Q&A this past week. Rusev started to read a question from Ryback asking if he was involved in the Jon Bravo - steroid scandal. Rusev smiled and said that he was blocking Ryback and then ended the chat. Rusev told fans to thank Ryback for the session ending.

- Speaking of Bravo, he addressed criticism to his video release last night, which did not provide any evidence linking Roman Reigns - or any current or past major WWE stars - to WFN. The video also contained some spelling errors, such as Steve Austin's name appearing as "Aystin." Bravo wrote:

"I AM A ONE MAN TEAM. I do this alone, with no help not even a person reviews it but myself. Yes there are spelling errors.. When you are rushed by 1000's to make a video of this magnitude in this amount of time and work there will be errors.. I am human*******Also since no matter how many times or ways I say it but their IS EVIDENCE on Reigns but without some key texts to match the orders I WILL NOT DISCLOSE IT. ** Just wanted to tell everyone that I am going to be taking some time away from youtube to focus more on the WFN Film and other feature film opportunities that I have been given. I pour my heart and soul in these videos and feel that most do no understand what I am doing here. I was never a wave around your hand and "Film with a cell phone" guy. I wanted to do something that was different that not everyone has the patience to do, however I learned that this generation doesn't really know whats involved in making these types of videos and they want more instant gratification. I believe in quality and always will. As I have said many times in the past, I do not make money on youtube and have only spend thousands on gear and countless hours of learning and editing to learn this craft. Saying all that, I appreciate everyone even the people who hate, it's the people who hate that got me where I am today.?"

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