Kassius Ohno Slams Sami Callihan On Twitter, Johnny Gargano Talks NXT Career, Paige Vs. Nikki Bella

- Above is the full match between then WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella and Paige at Fastlane in 2015. The finish came when Nikki dropped Paige into the second turnbuckle and then roll her up for the victory.

- On Facebook, Vic Joseph spoke with Johnny Gargano as he put on his final NXT in-ring performance in front of his hometown in Cleveland. Gargano lost to NXT Champion Andrade "Cien" Almas in a Title vs. Career match, which forced him to leave NXT. Gargano was asked about his favorite match in NXT, he said he hates all of his matches, but (based on crowd reaction) his last match against Andrade was at the top. Gargano answered a bunch of fan questions on his diet, favorite place to wrestle, and working with his wife, Candice LaRae. You can check out the full Q&A in the video below.

- As noted, Sami Callihan received some backlash after mistakenly hitting Eddie Edwards in the head with a baseball bat on this week's episode of Impact. The swing ended up sending Edwards to the hospital with a broken orbital bone and broke nose. TMZ Sports caught up with Callihan who said he wasn't sorry for what he did, and told Jim Cornette (who was also critical of Callihan's performance) that he can "kiss my ass." On Twitter, Callihan responded to Cornette saying "This hurts Jimmy, I'll just keep watching my bank account go up." NXT Star Kassius Ohno then jumped in and said, "Really? There is ZERO correlation between how much money you make and what happened in that ring. You should be embarrassed. ASHAMED."


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