Kevin Owens Back To Kevin Steen On Twitter, WWE Stage Design Photo News, WWE Scouting NFL Hopefuls

- To sell his WWE firing on SmackDown Live this past Tuesday night, Kevin Owens has changed his Twitter account back to his real name, Kevin Steen, and his Twitter handle to @FightSteenFight. As noted, WWE also removed both Owens and Zayn's profiles from their roster section on to sell the angle.

- There was a WWE scout at Penn State's pro day on Wednesday, according to Pro Football Talk. It was noted that it was unlikely that they were there scouting for the XFL, since the league is not launching for another two years. While it stated that Vince McMahon has made it clear that the XFL is separate from WWE, an XFL promo video was shown at last week's press conference promoting WrestleMania returning to MetLife Stadium next year.

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- We mentioned yesterday that the photo below has been spreading on social media featuring a possible upcoming WWE stage design. The twitter account that posted the photo below, @stagecreatorwwe, sent us a DM with some more details. The person in the photo is WWE set designer Jason Robinson. A fan sitting behind the production crew at Smackdown took the photo of him working on this. It's not known what the stage is for, as it could be for the "Greatest Royal Rumble" in late April or the upcoming WWE stadium show in Australia this fall. It's highly unlikely that it's for WrestleMania, as that design would have been finalized a while ago.

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