Lana And Rusev Mock WWE Stars, Aiden English Talks Carrying Eddie Guerrero's Legacy, Matt Hardy

- Above, "Woken" Matt Hardy showed off his personal zoo and decided to look for some advice from "George Washington" (a giraffe) about Bray Wyatt. The two will meet on this week's Raw in The Ultimate Deletion at the Hardy Compound.

- Aiden English spoke briefly with OAOnline about if he feels like he carry's a part of Eddie Guerrero's legacy. English is married to Guerrero's daughter, Shaul Guerrero, who worked in WWE's development from 2010 until 2014. English responded there was pride and honor in being a part of Eddie's legacy.

"People ask me that. 'Do you feel like you're carrying on a part of the legacy?' and everything like that," English said. "It's an awkward question for me, because I married into that family, but it's not like it was some goal to carry on a legacy. But there is absolutely a sense of pride and honor to even be associated with that entire family."

- Rusev and Lana are looking to get that second chance spot in the WWE Mixed Match Challenge and got fans attention by spoofing Naomi and Jimmy Uso. The vote is decided by the fans to determine which team will return to face Charlotte and Bobby Roode. On Twitter, Naomi was quick to respond and pointed out Lana looked "blowed up" after flailing around for about 30 seconds.


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