Mandy Rose On Her Heat With Sara Lee On "Tough Enough", Fan Backlash For Being On "Total Divas"

WWE superstar and Tough Enough alum Many Rose was recently a guest on Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia. During the interview, Rose discussed her contentious relationship with Tough Enough winner Sara Lee.

Rose finished as runner-up to Lee based on fan voting, but eventually she was given a developmental deal by WWE. During their season, Rose constantly belittled Lee for her lack of passion for wrestling. Rose said she knows she came off as a mean-spirited person, which she is not. She said she was playing up her role as "mean girl" for the sake of the cameras.

"It was rough because honestly, I remember, it's one thing when you are living together, but I felt really bad that I even said some of the stuff I did on national television, but she is a really sweet person, and I got along with her fine when the cameras were off, but that fakeness, because it's like, I can be so mean to you on camera, but she never said anything to me or addressed the issue," Rose said. "She is very quiet, she didn't want any of that, but inside it just didn't feel right. I thought that I wasn't this type of person, but I was so wrapped up in it and thought that it is what it is. I went with it, but I felt really bad, even towards the end of the show. I don't see her as much, but we talk here and there, but she never confronted me about it, which I was surprised, because if I was her, behind those cameras I would have."

In addition to her developmental deal, Rose was placed on Total Divas. She said that is part of the reason why she doesn't regret how she was portrayed on Tough Enough. More importantly, she said she learned from her experience and it allowed her to be more of herself.

"She ended up winning and I ended up in second place. I still ended up getting a contract, and was put on Total Divas," Rose said. "In my head I was like, oh, I must have done something right because they see something and see a reality star, so I thought I did something right, that is why I say that I don't regret anything, and I learned for sure, but I didn't have to be influenced by people to show who I am, but I also thought, well, I did get signed any way and got this great opportunity to be on Total Divas, and got this great exposure."

Rose did have to endure some backlash for her casting on Total Divas. As an inexperienced wrestler, many believed she was placed on the reality show based on her good looks. Rose said she worked hard to look the way she does and she wants people to know nothing was ever handed to her.

"It's almost like, I don't like to do things for that reason, because I was told that a lot of girls aren't going to like me, and I was like, well, that's great. It's one thing where you have to do you, and it's the kind of business we are in unfortunately," she said. "But it's also like, no, I want people to like me and I want a long career in this business, and I want to have a name that people can respect because I know respect is huge here, and I felt like I was looked at like I'm just here because I'm hot, and I get that all the time, and I have to constantly look at it like, no, I am not just a Barbie doll looking girl, I have worked hard, and the struggles that I went through when I was younger, I didn't always look like this. I trained my butt off and competed and got to where I wanted to be from rigorous training and dieting. I didn't just wake up like this."

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Source: Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia

Peter Bahi contributed to this article.