In the late 1980s and early 1990s, The Rockers team of Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty was one of the most popular duos in pro wrestling. Despite coming close on several occasions, the team was never officially able to win the WWE Tag Team Championship, although they actually did win the titles from The Hart Foundation in 1990 but was stripped of them. When the team broke up on television in 1992, Jannetty was able to briefly win the Intercontinental Championship in 1993, and even the Tag Team Championship with the 1-2-3 for just one week in 1994. However, Jannetty was never able to acquire championship gold following the tag team reign.

Jannetty resurrected in the media last September when there was major controversy surrounding a post that was on Facebook suggesting that he would have sex with his daughter. The post read, “If you loves me as much as I loves you, you will give your opinion,,just did DNA (2 weeks ago)..she’s NOT my daughter..we both held out of sex because you don’t do that..but now that we ain’t???? From a guys side.. SHES F****N HOTT..but..she’s been daughter.. I want to too, but can’t get past that..” Jannetty later released a post stating that his account was hacked, and it was not him that submitted that post.

Continuing his attempt to clear the air of this controversy, Jannett spoke with The Sun to once again explain himself.

“I’m still getting bombarded with emails and messages about this and fans at live events ask me questions about it,” said Jannetty. “In fact, every damn body seems to have their own podcast now and wants me to go on there to talk about that disgusting post. Of course I would never think anything like that – it’s messed up. It’s almost comical that I worked my a** off so hard to make my name in wrestling and through years and years of blood, sweat and tears, I did it.”

Jannetty even went as far as stating that the controversy with his daughter has become synonymous with his as much as the infamous Barber Shop segment.

“The barber shop window episode with Shawn is legendary. It happened over 25 years ago and yet people still rave about it. Yet one fake ‘BS’ story has risen right up there with that,” said Jannetty. “It makes me mad because I wonder if in 25 years from now, will they still be saying ‘that pervert wanted to f*** his daughter’?”

According to Jannetty, he lost his phone six weeks before the Facebook post and believed whoever found the phone hacked his page. The hackers deleted the post as soon as it was published, but not before it had a chance to go viral. Jannetty sent out a warning to the hackers of his phone if they are ever caught.

“If I ever got my hands on them let’s just say I’d put them in a sleeper hold for a very, very long time,” Jannetty warned. “I wish I could find who did it ? but then again maybe it’s a good thing I haven’t.”

In addition to tainting his career, Jannetty also stated that it has made his daughter reclusive due to all the backlash.

“She just couldn’t believe it when she read it and didn’t know how to deal with it,” he explained. “Imagine reading that about yourself ? in every website all over the world ? it’s not fair on her. It’s also been tough for my girlfriend reading that stuff.”

Jannetty added, “That was really hurtful ? apart from a few people on my fan page ? so many people just read that sick message and took it as truth. I kind of understand why they did believe it ? in a way ? because I always write crazy stories on Facebook ? to shock people or make them laugh ? but I’d never go that far. And people just believe what they read and it’s like with WWE ? perceptions become reality. Some people I thought were friends sent me these nasty messages then they blocked me so I didn’t even have a chance to respond. It makes me sad ? these dumb people could have destroyed my life.

“All the stuff I accomplished ? all the stuff in wrestling and all the good things I did for kids like with the Make A Wish Foundation and now you Google me and that stupid story pops up all over. I spoke to my lawyer and there’s nothing I can do about it. I just hope people will remember me for my wrestling and all the good things I’ve accomplished ? not some stupid fake story.”

Source: The Sun