Matt Hardy Reveals Great War Aftermath, What Did Bray Wyatt Leave At The Hardy Compound? (Video)

Matt Hardy posted a YouTube video today that shows Senor Benjamin finding Bray Wyatt's lantern at the bottom of The Lake of Reincarnation, which Wyatt ended up in after The Ultimate Deletion on Monday's RAW. You can watch the video, The Great War Aftermath, above or below in the tweet he posted.

WWE picked up on the video from Hardy, as seen below. It looks like this could play into what WWE has planned next for Wyatt. We noted earlier this week that WWE is considering character changes for The Eater of Worlds.

Mysterious item surfaces in The Lake of Reincarnation following The Ultimate Deletion

Bray Wyatt was defeated by "Woken" Matt Hardy at the conclusion of The Ultimate Deletion, and after being submerged in The Lake of Reincarnation, The Eater of Worlds has seemingly vanished from our plain of existence.

However, The Woken One has posted a video showing that Wyatt did, indeed, leave something behind at The Hardy Compound: His signature lantern.

Witness the aftermath of The Great War below to learn who now possesses the mysterious item.

Matt also continues to make cryptic comments on Wyatt's future now that The Great War has ended. You can see his latest below:


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