Matt Hardy Teases More Compound Matches In WWE, The Ric Flair Suit Collection (Video), Rusev & Lana

- WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair posted this behind-the-scenes video from a photo shoot he did for a new line of suits he has coming out with Mr. Custom Made. The Ric Flair Collection currently features 12 items that range from $595 to $795 at this link.

- Rusev noted on Twitter that he and Lana will be attending the Nashville Predators NHL game this Thursday night at the Bridgestone Arena. Rusev encouraged fans to come celebrate Rusev Day with them as Lana will be celebrating her 33rd birthday this weekend.

- Matt Hardy teased on Twitter that we may see more matches like The Ultimate Deletion from The Hardy Compound in WWE. He also made some comments on Bray Wyatt that may give an idea of potential storyline plans for Wyatt now that The Great War between the two has ended. You can see some of Hardy's recent tweets below:


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