WWE posted this new video of “Road Dogg” Brian James discussing Jeff Jarrett, who will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame during WrestleMania 34 weekend.

Road Dogg says he couldn’t be happier for Jeff as they somewhat came up together as second generation southern Superstars.

“I really had a good time with Jeff growing up,” James said. “He taught me a lot, not just about sports entertainment but being a business man and I think we forget that’s what sports entertainers are. So he taught me a lot about that. Really happy for Jeff Jarrett.”

The WWE reporter did not name TNA but asked James about working with Jarrett outside of WWE and behind-the-scenes.

“Well again and it goes back to what he taught me about being a business man. He was the first guy that I was around in this industry that treated it like a business, and treated himself like the commodity, and how to make money in that business of yourself,” James said. “He’s always been a consummate businessman, a great worker as well as far as in-ring action goes. Again, couldn’t be happy for Jeff Jarrett.”

James was also asked about Jarrett’s influence on today’s WWE Superstars and he said all you have to do is look at SmackDown to see Jeff’s influence. He pointed to how half of the guys Jarrett “brought up & brought in” have titles on SmackDown – WWE Champion AJ Styles and WWE United States Champion Bobby Roode. James also named Samoa Joe and said Jarrett has had a huge influence no the entertainers of today but will also probably influence some going forward.

James then talked about the “Be My Baby Tonight” single that was used as Jarrett’s theme song back in 1996, and how his 14 year old daughter knew all the words when she recently played the song in the car. Road Dogg noted how Jarrett’s induction has brought a tidal wave of comments on the song.

“A lot of people make fun of me for that song or whatever. I really enjoyed recording that song. I consider myself to be a little bit of a singer in the shower so it was cool to actually be in a studio and get to record that song,” James said. “The whole storyline with me and Jeff was interesting and cool at the time. It got cut short due to personal reasons but man, it’s been so cool to feel it all come back. Hopefully it’ll be a great weekend for the Hall of Fame.”