Robbery Suspect Who Was Taken Down By Former WWE Star Shad Gaspard Found 'Not Guilty'

In 2016, media was buzzing about former WWE tag team star Shad Gaspard bodyslamming a suspect of an alledged robbery inside a Valero convenience store. According to a report from TMZ, the Coral Springs Police Department responded to a call of the convenience store robbery, and Gaspard approached the alleged suspect. The person demanded that Gaspard buy him a beer, which was not well-received by the former Cryme Tyme member.

The suspect them pulled out his firearm, but was quickly tackled and subdued by Gaspard. Gaspard then tried to empty the suspect's magazine, but realized that it was just a BB gun. Gaspard held the suspect down until police arrived, and the suspect was charged with robbery with a weapon.

Despite Gaspard being portrayed as a hero, the suspect's attorney fought for his client to receive a "not guilty" plea. According to the defense's testimony, Gaspard's account of the suspect pulling a gun out at him never happened in the video presented to the court by Gaspard. Ken Padowitz, the suspect's attorney, actually decided to take the case pro bono due to the overwhelming evidence leaning more in favor of the suspect's account, as well as due the risk of the suspect facing life in prison and deportation away from his wife and three children.

According to Padowitz, there were numerous inconsistencies to Gaspard's heroic story, and the 17 camera original store video footage was never collected by the police. Instead, the police used a phone to make a bad copy of the store video only taking five camera angles, which directly contradicted Gaspard's testimony.

After four hours of deliberation, the jury returned with a verdict of not guilty, and charges have been dismissed for the incident.

Source: Lauderdale Criminal Defense


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