ROH Episode 337 Recap: The Briscoes, Hangman Page Vs. Christopher Daniels, Marty Scurll In Action

Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana check in on commentary after the usual ROH signature video package. The Briscoes (Mark & Jay) and Best Friends make their entrances.

The Briscoes (Mark & Jay) vs. Best Friends (Beretta & Chuckie T)

The Briscoes attack Best Friends from behind. They briefly brawl at ringside. Mark sends Chuckie into the ring. Jay holds Chuckie as Mark strikes him. The referee tells Jay to get out of the ring. Chuckie ducks a clothesline attempt by Mark before chopping him. Chuckie connects with a pair of forearms to Mark. Beretta is tagged in. Beretta dropkicks Jay off the apron. Beretta and Chuckie hit a double back-elbow strike on Mark. Beretta clotheslines Mark in the corner. Chuckie forearms Mark in the corner. Chuckie and Beretta hug. Jay connects with a boot to Chuckie, sending him out of the ring. Beretta chops Mark. Jay connects with an elbow strike to Beretta. Mark sends Beretta out of the ring. Mark suplexes Beretta at ringside. Jay strikes Chuckie at ringside as we head into a commercial break.

Beretta eventually counters a neck-breaker into a backslide on Jay for a two count. Jay clotheslines Beretta. Mark dropkicks Chuckie. Jay hits the Jay-Driller on Beretta. Mark hits the Froggy Bow on Beretta. Jay pins Beretta for the win.

Winners: The Briscoes (Mark & Jay)

ROH Tag-Team Champions Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin come to the ring after the match. Shelley hits Mark in the back of the head with his title belt as Sabin does the same to Mark. Sabin and Shelley stomp on The Briscoes. Shelley chokes Mark with a chain as Sabin hits the Jay-Driller on Jay.

A Women Of Honor highlight video package is shown.

So Cal Uncensored's Christopher Daniels (with Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky) and Bullet Club's Adam Page make their entrances.

ROH Enforcer Bully Ray makes his entrance. Bully says that he didn't want anyone at ringside. Bully talks about how SCU didn't listen and Bullet Club did to which he gives them a Too Sweet. Bully says they can't say that but he can say it all day long. Bully gives Sky and Kazarian five seconds to leave or he will suspend Daniels for thirty days. Sky and Daniels run backstage as Bully calls for the bell.

Christopher Daniels vs. Adam Page

Page attacks Daniels as the bell rings. Page stomps on Daniels several times in the corner. Daniels kicks Page in the midsection before slamming his head off the top turnbuckle. Daniels chops and strikes Page. Page clotheslines Daniels. Daniels rolls out of the ring. Daniels dodges a baseball slide attempt by Page. Page sends Daniels into the ringside barrier several times. Page rolls Daniels back into the ring. Page throws a chair in the ring. The referee removes it. Daniels drives his shoulder into Page before spiking his neck on the top rope. Daniels clubs the back of Page's neck heading iron a commercial break.

Daniels eventually hits an STO on Page. Daniels goes for the Best Moonsault Ever, Page moves out of the way. Page connects with a boot to Daniels. Daniels sends Page over the top rope to the ring apron. Daniels hits the ropes as Page flips into the ring. Page hits a Lariat on Daniels. Page pins Daniels for the win.

Winner: Adam Page

Shane Taylor comes to the ring after the match. Taylor attacks Page from behind. Taylor clotheslines Page in the corner. Taylor strikes Page in the face. Daniels raises Taylor's hand. Bully Ray comes to the entrance way. Bully and Taylor have a stare down.

Punishment Martinez and Bullet Club's Marty Scurll make their entrances. Jay Lethal and ROH World Champion Dalton Castle (with The Boys) make their entrances.

Dalton Castle & Jay Lethal vs. Punishment Martinez & Marty Scurll

Castle and Martinez start the match. Martinez points to Lethal. Lethal is tagged in. They lock up. Martinez locks in a headlock on Lethal. Lethal sends Martinez to the ropes. Martinez hits a shoulder block on Lethal. Lethal escapes a Chokeslam attempt by Martinez. Martinez blocks a Hip Toss attempt by Lethal. Lethal ducks a pair of kick attempts by Martinez. Martinez dodges a dropkick attempt by Lethal. Martinez and Lethal hand a standoff. Scurll is tagged in. Castle is tagged in. They lock up. Scurll backs Castle to the ropes. Scurll pushes Castle. Castle drives Scurll into the turnbuckles. Scurll and Castle exchange wrist locks. Castle chops a Scurll. Castle suplexes Scurll. Lethal tags in. Lethal hits a Back Elbow on Scurll. Lethal pins Scurll for a two count. Martinez eventually connects with an elbow to Castle in the corner. Lethal sends Scurll out of the ring. Lethal ducks a clothesline attempt by Martinez before hitting a Suicide Dive on Scurll. Lethal hits an Insiguri on Martinez. Lethal superkicks Martinez. Scurll comes into the ring with powder. Lethal ducks, causing Scurll to throw powder in the face of Martinez. Lethal pushes Scurll into Martinez. Martinez grabs Scurll by the throat. Scurll strikes Martinez. Martinez pushes Scurll. Castle takes Martinez out of the ring. Lethal ducks a clothesline attempt by Scurll. Lethal hits Lethal Injection on Scurll. Lethal pins Scurll for the win.

Winners: Jay Lethal & Dalton Castle

An ROH 16th Anniversary hype video package is shown to close the show.


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