CMLL’s Sam Adonis was a special guest on the latest episode of CSR, exclusively on Wrestling Inc. Among many other things, Adonis shared his thoughts on his brother, WWE color commentator Corey Graves. Adonis talked about Graves not complementing him very much, whether Graves would be for or against Adonis’s divisive heel persona in WWE, Graves’ secret talents, Daniel Bryan’s return to WWE action, and what Bryan’s comeback could mean for Graves’ in-ring career.

When asked whether Adonis is fine with sparse complements from Graves, ‘The Fantastic Blonde’ said that Graves is his coach and knows how to motivate him.

“He’s my coach.” Adonis explained, “my brother trained me back when we were here in Pittsburgh [Pennsylvania]. We had a ring set up back in the plum area and he taught me, so he has always been very good at not giving me complements because he knows. He grew up with me and he knows how to make it work. And when you don’t get your chin tickled, you kind of always look for you chin to get tickled. It makes you work harder. And I haven’t had too many direct complements, but he said some pretty nice things about me on the Edge and Christian podcast about my overall work as a performer and hearing that from a third party perspective, it means a lot more than he thinks, so it’s cool.”

Graves, who has taken the mantle of WWE’s top heel commentator, is known for not always supporting his fellow villains on commentary. Adonis admitted that he does not know whether Graves would speak favorably or negatively about Adonis’s controversial character.

“Chances are it would be one of two.” Adonis considered, “he would either do what he can to make sure he doesn’t support me or he would be my biggest supporter. And I don’t know. That’s not for us to decide.”

On the subject of Daniel Bryan’s medical clearance to resume in-ring competition, Adonis stated that he is happy for Bryan and hopes it is the right decision from a health perspective.

“I could not be happier for Daniel Bryan.” Adonis reflected, “I think that’s awesome. I, for one, know the journey and the struggle. A guy like that, before he ever got his first taste of fame and real money in wrestling, he was just like the rest of us, fighting week-to-week in the little armories and independents, so sometimes the finish line is a little bit greater for a guy like that. Then, to have it ripped away from you has to crush your heart. So the fact that this is happening now, I couldn’t be happier for the guy because I know the hard work he [has] put into it. I think the timing is right for it. The people want it. The fans want it. It could be great for WWE. It could be part of the upswing. I just hope it’s the right decision on his part and the doctors’ part.”

Adonis went on to say that he hopes Bryan’s return to action means Graves can be medically cleared as well.  

“Selfishly, there’s something inside me saying, ‘okay, maybe, hopefully, one day that means my big brother gets to get back into the ring’ because we’ve only been able to wrestle one match in my life.” Adonis admitted, “and now that we are this far ahead in our careers, I would love WrestleMania 38 live from Heinz Field, Sam Adonis against Corey Graves. Who is to say? But the baby brother in my is really, really excited about it. Hopefully? I don’t know if he wants to, but if it meant that it’s something that’s possible for him, and make him happy, I truly trust the WWE medical staff and everything like that. I think they’ll make the right decisions, not only for my brother, but for all the WWE Superstars.”

Check out the interview in the video above. You can also check out Adonis’s 10 questions video here.

Source: Wrestling Inc.