Sasha Banks And Bayley Continue Social Media Banter, WWE UK Stars - PROGRESS, Mustafa Ali Promo

- Above, Mustafa Ali cut a promo before his upcoming WWE Cruiserweight Championship Quarterfinals match against Buddy Murphy on this week's 205 Live. Before WWE, Ali worked as a police officer and spoke about how he was trained to spot danger. For Ali, it's about a person's eyes.

"Two weeks ago, Buddy Murphy made his debut on 205 Live and he was victorious and I was one of the first guys to congratulate him, a hearty handshake," Ali said. "And he had a smile, ear to ear, and he told me how much he appreciated me doing that. His eyes. His eyes told me a completely different story, his eyes told me 'danger.' His eyes told me, I was his in his way. His eyes told me he was going to knock my head clean off my shoulders."

- During WrestleMania weekend in New Orleans, WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne and Trent Seven will be making only one appearance outside of WWE and it will be for PROGRESS on April 6.

- As noted, there has been some tension growing between Sasha Banks and Bayley over the past few weeks. At Elimination Chamber, Banks dropped Bayley from one of the Elimination Chamber pods and on Raw the next night, Bayley backed away from Banks as she tried to tag out during a 6-woman tag match. On social media, they have gone back in forth including cropping each other out of the same photo when wishing Norman Smiley a Happy Birthday. In the video below, Banks tweeted out a Sasha Banks doll defeating a Bayley doll.


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