Sean Waltman On Sami Callihan Baseball Incident, Callihan - Chris Jericho Note, Sting's TNA Theme

- Impact Wrestling today released Sting's old TNA theme song on their YouTube channel, which you can check out in the video above. Sting made his TNA debut in 2003, and worked on-and-off for the company until 2014.

- On the latest edition of his podcast, Sean Waltman discussed Sami Callihan accidentally hitting Eddie Edwards in the head with a baseball bat on Impact Wrestling. Callihan swung the bat on a chair, which ricocheted and hit Edwards in the face, which caused him to suffer a broken orbital bone and a broken nose. The spot caused backlash from some veterans, including Kassius Ohno and Jim Cornette.

"I'm a big Sami Callihan fan," Waltman said. "Obviously, it was an accident. And Jim Cornette chimed in and that's what Jim does now. He chimes in on stuff like that and runs with it. So, Sami fires back on Twitter and you know it doesn't come off good for him, but Sami is a really good dude. For the damage that it caused, it really didn't look that great at all. You could barely see it (The Bat) hit him (Eddie), it was so fast. It was an accident."

- Speaking of Callihan, he recorded an interview with Chris Jericho for his podcast, Talk Is Jericho. It will drop this Wednesday.


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