Yesterday we asked how excited you were about this year's WrestleMania. Using a scale of 0-5, the average was right between the 2-2.5 range. Plenty of you are excited, but more are not really interested in this card outside of a few select matches (SmackDown tag title match, Undertaker vs. Cena, Styles vs. Nakamura). Although we still have a couple weeks to go, many noted how the build-up has been sub-par thus far and feuds needing more tension between Superstars.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:

make it reign:
"Pretty excited, the card is better then last year's card, while the build up isn't quite there, they still got creative with it. We have more matches that are potential show sealers, that's all I can ask from WrestleMania."

The Lukaku:
"Am I excited for the matches?

Am I excited for a 6 hour event?
Hell no."

"All these negative comments? Mania is Mania?! Cena vs. Taker? Angle and Rousey teaming? Charlotte vs. Asuka? Sounds brilliant to me!"

"As I and a lot of others have already stated, there's just not enough build, interesting storylines, or tension going into these matches. Also, a lot of predictability unless there's some major swerves that happen. On paper there seems to be a lot of good matches, but then you have to ask yourself 'Why do I care?' So a rating of 3 for me."

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