Sound Off Reactions On If The Undertaker Appears Or Carmella Cashes In At WWE Fastlane

Yesterday we asked if you thought The Undertaker would make an appearance or if Carmella would cash-in her MITB opportunity at tonight's WWE Fastlane PPV. Fair to say you're not an optimistic bunch towards either event happening at the PPV. With Carmella, most are expecting her to cash-in after WrestleMania. In regards to The Undertaker, many think he's done for good or if he does challenge Cena it will come later on an episode of Raw.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:

"Fastlane hasn't been built to have anything special about it. With that said, no Undertaker and no Carmella cash-in because not enough eyeballs interested."

"Taker doesn't appear, but just as Cena goes for the pin to win the championship, the lights go out and the we hear the gong. Cena gets distracted and AJ hits the phenomenal forearm on Cena and pins him. Cena later demands and gets his "WrestleMania moment" against Taker for costing him the championship and we still get AJ vs. Shinsuke."

Swishy McJackass:
"Undertaker will return to challenge Carmella for her briefcase."

Richard Rood:
"Neither. The Undertaker will confront Cena at Raw on Monday or the following week. Carmella will successfully cash in at WrestleMania during or after the Raw women's title match, essentially switching places with Asuka, who will beat Charlotte for the SmackDown title. Carmella starts calling herself "Miss WrestleMania."

For Carmella, I do not think she cashes I'm at Fastlane or before WrestleMania. I think she gets moved to Raw after WrestleMania, and takes the briefcase with her. Then they do a storyline they've never done with the briefcase, the holder is up against the clock. She only has a year to cash-in, and I say she cuts it real close. The announcers hype up how close she is to her contract expiring. Then she cashed in on a face Nia Jax."

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