Yesterday we asked which WrestleMania 34 match should go on last and the top pick was WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns. The vote came down to what you thought WWE would pick versus what you'd rather see: WWE Champion AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura. John Cena and Undertaker received enough votes for third, while WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte and Asuka took fourth.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments.

Osama Bin Liftin':
"Whichever match is last, which will probably be Reigns vs. Lesnar, is most likely going to suffer due to the show being so long. Seven hours is a long time. I was at 'Mania last year, it seems even longer when you're there."

Gail-Rollins Fan:
"Charlotte vs Asuka. A women's main event will happen sooner rather than later, and if any women's match is big enough to be a main event it's this one."

One Punch:
"Universal title should be last after its four-year build."

The Lukaku:
"It's not even questionable. We all know Roman is main eventing."

"Any match not featuring Kane can close the show."

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