The Usos On Why Their Heel Turn Was Successful, If They Will Finally Be On WrestleMania Main Card

The Usos spoke with the Pensacola News Journal about breaking the streak of not making it to the main card of a WrestleMania and their heel turn. Here are some of the highlights:

Finally appearing on a WrestleMania main card:

Jey Uso: "I don't think it could happen, it's gonna happen. Me and my bro keep saying, 'This is the year.' And if for some reason we're not on the main card, we're doing the people wrong, man. The WWE Universe ain't getting their money's worth. We're the best thing running right now, straight out the 8-5-0, right down the street from WrestleMania, man."

Jimmy Uso: "This year is probably hands down one of our hottest years. WrestleMania changes by the hour, by the minute, so I'm nervous about it."

Why their heel turn was successful:

Jey Usos: "The heel change would have never worked if that baby face phase didn't go as long as it did. The heel change just made it more real. We get to be us, we could talk the way we want to, dress the way we want to, it was like the ball was in our court now. And it took a lot of hard work to finally get the ball, you feel me?"

The Usos also discussed their favorite places to check out in Florida. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.


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