Top WWE Superstar Launches New Clothing Line (Photos)

It looks like WWE RAW Superstar Finn Balor has launched his own clothing line - PE&K.

Balor has launched a website for the brand at but only t-shirts are available as of this writing. The Twitter account for the brand notes that they are based in Brooklyn.

The company "Story" or mission statement reads like this:

Smile it's PE&K!

Our goal at PE&K is to provide clothes that will make you smile, whilst having the least amount of impact on our lovely planet as possible.

- All our shirts are made in USA , and printed in UK,
- We don't use plastic, but if there is, biodegradable YAY!
- And the only paper we use will be the sticker for shipping & international custom sheets (We are trying to source recyclable paper)
- No stickers
- No wasted cardboard
- Nothing that is going to hurt our planet
- We like to say. We are friends of the environment

Below are a few photos from Balor and the PE&K Twitter account, plus a tweet from rapper and noted WWE fan Wale:

PE&K #smileitspeak

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