Tyrus Talks School Shootings And How To Stop Them

Impact Star Tyrus spoke to TMZ Sports on what schools should be doing to stop shootings from occurring in the future. According to him, it's about making the place more secure with armed guards and even putting up walls with one way in and out. Here's what Tyrus posted about the topic on Instagram before the interview.

When he spoke to TMZ Sports, Tyrus expanded on his idea of keeping schools safe.

"You can use metal detectors, K-9 units, the visual alone of seeing two or three armed security officers at the front of the school where it's the only way in, it's a deterrent," Tyrus said. "You can't get into the school, if there's a front line of defense. ... Surround the schools. When I posted what I said today, somebody came back at me, 'You're going to make our schools like a prison?' How many times you hear of someone breaking into prison and shooting somebody up? No, it can't be done. You can make [the walls] fancy, you can put flowers, you can put artwork on the buildings or whatever, but there's only one way in and one way out and there are trained security people there to keep our schools safe."

Tyrus is asked more about putting up a wall and he says precautions like that are needed because that's the world we now live in.

"We're talking about a [U.S. border] wall to keep drugs out and stuff," Tyrus responded. "We need walls around our schools, we need to protect our schools. Ten-foot rule. You can't get within ten feet unless you're supposed to be there. If you're bringing a backpack in - and it's not a clear backpack - you're getting searched, that's the world we live in."

Finally, Tyrus is asked what would he say to someone who thought all of his ideas were a bit extreme for a school environment.

"Candidly? F--- you. Because if your one kid is the one kid that got shot, that's one kid too many."

You can see his full comments in the video above.

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