As previously noted, Lucha Underground’s Vampiro recently stopped by 317 Gimmick Street for an interview with WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin on The Steve Austin Show. Among other things, Vampiro talked about the culture of fans being responsible for the “insanity” of today’s pro wrestling. Vampiro, who is also the Director Of Talent for AAA, addressed the Sexy Star/Rosemary incident from TripleMania 25. Additionally, Vampiro shared his disdain for the WWE system and he discussed how male Lucha Underground talent have had difficulties working with Ivelisse because of her sex.

According to Vampiro, the culture surrounding Lucha Underground pushes the envelope, which is good; however, Vampiro noted that it is only a matter of time before someone is severely injured.

“Who’s guilty or who is responsible for this insanity?” Vampiro asked. “I think it’s not the boys. I don’t think it’s the people in creative. I really think it’s the culture of the fans. Now that everybody’s on streaming, YouTube, different platforms, NETFLIX or whatever you can get, Twitch network, all these things. All these local, independent promotions, you can see them now, so what’s happening in Australia now, you can watch it live! So I think the fans are expecting everybody to step it up every single time in the ring. And it’s healthy, but it’s only a matter of time till somebody that is 245 lbs. does a moonsault off the ceiling, lands wrong, and somebody’s knees get blown out. It’s going to happen.”

In response to WWE training new recruits to play to the hard camera on pinfall attempts, Austin said he “didn’t give a flying s–t where the camera was”. Vampiro commented that he hates the WWE system.

“I’m like [Austin]. It’s all about spontaneity. I mean, if you don’t have that, you’re not going to make it. I don’t care. And it irks me beyond belief, the WWE system.” Vampiro continued, “I think it is so wrong that some agent, or some dude who probably never really made it, but was on the cusp, but is a bitter motherf–ker, and he tells you what to do with your character! I’m against it, and I hate it, and it’s probably why I never went to WWE, too rebellious.”

On the Sexy Star/Rosemary incident, Vampiro professed that Sexy Star was beaten up on purpose and she lost her cool. Vampiro went on to say that there was almost a fight backstage among the whole dressing room following the incident.

“Do I think [Sexy Star] shot on [Rosemary]?” Vampiro asked. “No. Do I think that she lost her temper? Yes. They beat her up. They beat Sexy Star up on purpose. Watch the match. If anybody knows anything about this business, you can see how there was a lot of heat going in. There was major heat going in. You can see, they really put it to Sexy. And she’s arrogant, just like anybody else in this business, and she lost her cool. If you beat her and slap her around between the three of you for 15 minutes, and you can see her trying to fight back and they shut her down. You know very well sooner or later, the first chance that you get, you’re going to swing. And I watched it and rewatched it. I was there. I think she just lost her temper. Do I think she popped the elbow? No. Do I think she had it on very snug and didn’t let go and she was supposed to, and I think the other girl loosened up just a bit too much and was naive? Yes. Was it an unfortunate circumstance? Of course it is. If it was the boys, there would’ve been a fight. And there almost was in the dressing room. I haven’t seen that, probably, in 15 years. The whole dressing room was ready to go. It got intense out there.”

With respect to Ivelisse, Vampiro shared that the former Lucha Underground Trios Champion is very passionate and determined, and this rubs many talent the wrong way.

“If she has something that she believes in, her conviction is so strong. She works with the guys a lot and some of the guys just don’t want to deal with her because she is a girl and I’m against that. If she wants to get in there, she’s a brother or a sister and she’s willing to bleed just like you are, so give her that respect. She won’t back down. She will get mad and get in your face. She’s Puerto Rican. She’s hot-blooded. She’s very beautiful and she’s talented, but boy-oh-boy, will she fight you tooth and nail for the last ounce of whatever it is.” Vamp explained, “she won’t stop and I love that about her, but everybody hates it. That’s what everybody hates about anybody who is rebellious in this business, but she’s doing it for a reason. And I love that about her, that she just doesn’t care what people think. She will tell you what she thinks. I really love that about her.”

Austin said he saw a lot of talent in Ivelisse from Tough Enough, though he heard that she had an attitude problem in developmental, which Austin found hard to believe.

“When we were doing Tough Enough, I loved her spirit.” Austin said, “I loved her competitive attitude and she’s tough. And she could work. And this was in her formative years, 2011. And then I heard down in the camp, ‘uh, she has attitude problems.’ I was like, ‘man, I didn’t catch [any] attitude problems from that chick. She was cool with me. She was cool on the show. So yeah, I mean, maybe she was stubborn. But, I don’t know, I agree with [Vamp]! I like somebody who’s going to stand up and fight for something.”

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