Who Has The Most WrestleMania Losses? (Video), WWE On Lance Bass Liking Booty O's Cereal, Midajah

- Above is the latest episode of WWE's "List This!" with Vic Joseph looking at the 5 Superstars with the most WrestleMania losses - Chris Jericho with 9, Kane with 9, WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels with 11, Big Show with 11 and Triple H with 12.

- Former WWE star Ray "Jesse/Slam Master J" Gordy turns 39 years old today while Travis Tomko turns 42 and former WCW valet Midajah turns 48.

- WWE has picked up on how former NSYNC member Lance Bass recently tweeted about The New Day's Booty O's cereal being his favorite. You can see his exchange with Xavier Woods below:

Former NSYNC member Lance Bass calls Booty-O's his "favorite cereal"

Former NSYNC star Lance Bass apparently doesn't even have time to say "Bye Bye Bye" to his Booty-O's before he scarfs them down.

Sorry, we couldn't resist that one. But anyone hoping for a New Day/NSYNC dance-off in the near future or perhaps, dare we suggest, a song collaboration was ecstatic last night when Bass tweeted a photo of himself with his "favorite cereal," which just so happens to be The New Day's breakfast of choice.

Sorry, Lance. "Tiger Beat" and "Bop" haven't returned our calls.

The New Day's Xavier Woods was clearly flattered that his favorite NSYNC member was a fan of the cereal that he, Kofi Kingston and Big E willed into existence.


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