Why WWE Events In Canada Were Cancelled, D-X WrestleMania 34 Gear, Heath Slater's School Expanding

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- With WWE announcing the "Greatest Royal Rumble" event in Saudi Arabia on Friday, April 27th, the company will be rescheduling their events in Saint John, New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia that were slated for that weekend. Tickets for those events were scheduled to go on sale last week, but were never put up.

- The Face 2 Face Wrestling School, which is owned by Heath Slater, issued the following press release regarding the school looking to launch a franchise in China:

Face 2 Face Wrestling School Launching Franchise In China

ATLANTA, GA.-- Face 2 Face Wrestling School, which is owned by Heath Miller (a.k.a. WWE Superstar Heath Slater), has agreed to launch a franchise to be opened in China. The franchise will be independently owned but be monitored by the main school and CEO Richard Borger specifically to ensure all of the training meets school guidelines. This is the first school to be launched in China of its kind in which the training falls directly in line with and is monitored directly by top professionals in the industry.

"When speaking to a few of the athletes and discussing what this industry has to potentially offer them, we were satisfied that allowing the franchise to open in China was the right move for us and wrestling as a whole," Mr. Borger said. "Face 2 Face Wrestling School is proud to be the group that takes on the challenge of training and bringing forth the very best professional wrestlers that China will have to offer well into the future."

The wrestling industry has seen just minor growth in China over the past few years with WWE being the leader so far by holding annual shows and multiple small events with their stars.

"The problem the industry has had in developing the Chinese market has always been blamed on Government restrictions and policies." Mr. Borger continued, "The fact of the matter is that this is simply not true! The government has always been open to discussions about different forms of entertainment, the problem has been that the companies have yet to find the right people to connect them through the numerous avenues needed! This has been something I have been very good at doing and have had a high degree of success in. I am proud to be able to help bring this franchise to China and to the Chinese people."

The goal is to have the facility 100% operational within 12 months and possibly have an early limited launch by early Q4, 2018. Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are the 3 cities shortlisted as locations for the facility.

Since opening this location in December of 2017, Face 2 Face Wrestling Schoo has drawn 20+ trainees from as far away as India and the UK to its facility in Morrow, Georgia (just South of Atlanta). More information about the school can be found at face2facewrestling.com

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