WWE Fastlane: The New Day Vs. The Usos (SmackDown Tag Team Title Match)

SmackDown Tag Team Title Match: The New Day vs. The Usos

We go to the ring and out comes The New Day first. They're throwing down with pancakes. Out next come SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos. No formal ring introductions.

The bell rings and Xavier Woods faces off with Jimmy Uso in the ring. Kofi Kingston waits on the apron as Big E looks on from ringside. They talk trash and start unloading on each other. Jey Uso tags in but Woods doesn't see it. He continues to go at it with Jimmy but Jey comes in and they level Woods. Jey stomps away on Woods in the corner and makes a quick tag to Jimmy. They unload in the corner with stomps, mocking the Unicorn Stampede. More quick tags and stomps from The Usos. The Usos with a big double team in the corner for a 2 count.

Kofi finally gets a tag and springboards in, unloading on Jey. Jimmy comes in but also gets taken down. Kofi works over Jey and nails the Boom Drop. Fans rally for Kofi as he waits for Trouble In Paradise. Jey blocks it and drops Kofi, sending him into the corner. Jimmy tags in as Kofi drops Jey. Kofi sends Jimmy to the floor. Kofi with a big running Rikishi splash in the corner, talking trash and mocking Uso. Jimmy runs back in and takes down Kofi. Jimmy with a Samoan Drop. Kofi looks to come back but Jimmy drops him. Jimmy mocks Kofi now, hitting the Boom Drop. Jimmy goes for a Trouble In Paradise but Kofi ducks. Kofi goes for the move now but misses. The Usos take another move from their opponents and hit a Midnight Hour. Jey covers for a close 2 count.

Jey waits for Kofi to get up now. He runs for a splash int he corner but Kofi moves and Jey hits the ring post. Woods is finally back on the apron and ready for a tag now. Kofi makes it and Woods runs in to knee Jimmy off the apron. Jey rolls Woods up for 2. They go at it and Jey hits a big superkick. Woods comes back with kicks of his own. Woods with more superkicks to both opponents as Kofi provides a distraction. Kofi tags in and goes to the top. Woods superkicks Jey and Kofi follows up, stealing the splash from The Usos. Jey kicks out at 2 and The New Day can't believe it. Woods and Kofi go to steal another move but it backfires and they get sent to the floor. Big E checks on them. The Usos run the ropes and take out all three members of The New Day with dives.

The music hits and out come Harper and Rowan, The Bludgeon Brothers, while all 5 of the others are down at ringside.

Harper blasts Big E and then they attack the participants for the bell.

No Contest

Harper and Rowan destroy both teams at ringside, using the ring post and the sledgehammers. They drive Uso into the floor. They roll Big E into the ring and double suplex Woods from the apron to the floor. Rowan rolls his partner into the ring. Harper stares down Big E and splashes him in the corner. Rowan drops Kofi on the floor. Harper sends Big E to the floor and Rowan follows up, destroying Big E on the outside. They slam The Usos into each other and then slam them on top of each other on the floor. Rowan scoops Harper and slams him on top of The Usos. Harper slams Rowan on top of The Usos next. Graves asks for the police to come stop Harper and Rowan. Fans chant for tables. Rowan brings the mallets over and hands one to Harper. Rowan sends Uso into the steel steps and Harper crosschecks him over the barrier into the crowd. The Bludgeon Brothers go to leave as some fans boo but they've also received some cheers. They stop at the bottom of the ramp and turn back around, taking apart the steel steps. Rowan grabs Woods and they double powerbomb him on top of steps. Trainers check on The Usos and The New Day as The Bludgeon Brothers march up the ramp while their music plays. Paramedics bring stretchers out now. The announcers play up the seriousness of the situation as we see The New Day and The Usos suffering around the ring. Woods is shaking as he's put onto a stretcher.

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