WWE On Matt Hardy Possibly "Deleting" Michael Cole, Fans On Daniel Bryan Speeches, WWE Elite Squad

- Above is the first WWE Elite Squad video with Curt Hawkins looking at Mattel's WrestleMania Elite Collection and Epic Moments figures. Hawkins also goes over how fans can win a trip to WrestleMania 34 from WWE and Mattel.

- WWE has a new poll asking fans which was more emotional - Daniel Bryan's retirement speech in 2016 or his passionate return address on last night's SmackDown. As of this writing, 59% voted for last night's segment on SmackDown.

- WWE has picked up on Matt Hardy's Twitter response to Matt Cole knocking The Ultimate Deletion on Monday's RAW before the match began. They posted the following:

Michael Cole could face "deletion" at the hands of "Woken" Matt Hardy

The Ultimate Deletion was one of the most bewildering, confusing and, dare we say it, delightful matches in the history of sports-entertainment. The WWE Universe was enthralled by "Woken" Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt's over-the-top battle on The Hardy Compound, but there was one person who was less-than-enthused by the unorthodox main event.

Just prior to the start of The Ultimate Deletion, Michael Cole dismissed the anticipated affair as "obnoxious," which didn't sit well with The Woken One later in the night after The Eater of Worlds vanished into the murky, mystical waters of The Lake of Reincarnation.

"I've learned of the BLASPHEMY that the OBSOLETE MULE @Michael Cole SPEWED from his MUZZLE," Hardy tweeted. "@Vanguard1AAR, put the HERETIC on your SURVEILLANCE schedule. If this continues, he must be DELETED!"

The Woken One's sentient drone was more than happy to oblige.

Look to the skies, Michael Cole. Vanguard 1 is watching.


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