WWE To Introduce Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles After WrestleMania 34

WWE officials are planning to introduce new Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles after WrestleMania 34, according to PWInsider.

No word yet on how the first-ever WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions will be crowned on WWE 205 Live but as noted, the vacant WWE Cruiserweight Title will be decided in tournament finals at WrestleMania. There's also no word yet on exactly when the titles will be introduced but officials have worked on several title designs and plans were recently finalized for the look of the titles.

This move would make 3 tag team titles for the main roster and would be the first set of Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles since WCW ended in 2001. The WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles were introduced in March 2001 and then abandoned later that month when WWE bought WCW. Kid Romeo & Elix Skipper were the first champions but they lost the titles to Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio on the final WCW Nitro episode.