Batista Talks Wanting To Return To WWE, Most Memorable WWE Moment, CM Punk, Acting Vs. Wrestling

Our friends at The RCWR Show attended Awesome Con in Washington, D.C last weekend and sat in on a Q&A panel for Dave Batista that ran 45 minutes. Guardians cast members Michael Rooker and Sean Gunn sat in with Batista. Below are some highlights from the Q&A:

What was your most memorable moment on screen or off being part of the most legendary stable in the WWE with Evolution?

"Well, off-screen, I wouldn't be able to tell you publicly. On-screen, I think it was the time that we were all holding title belts. It was a great shot. It was I think the first time in history that a faction, a wrestling faction like that had like every world title. That was a moment that Randy (Orton) and I had arrived. You've probably seen the shot a million times where we were on stage, all holding the belts."

Are you going to be coming back to the WWE, are the rumors correct?

"I hope so. (Thunderous ovation from the crowd)."

What do you like best? Did you like being a wrestler than being an actor?

"Not necessarily. I miss the interaction with a live audience, it's just immediate feedback. I love it! I love that type of physical performance... I can't pick because right now, I'm just in love with the acting industry."

I know that CM punk wrote some issues of Drax, what did you think of them and would you recommend them?

"Yeah I think it's great, I think it's really great. Actually when he first got the gig we communicated back and forth. He actually sent me and made sure I had the first edition. I think he's really incredibly talented and I hope people can (check it out)."


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