Brooke Hogan Talks A Hulk Hogan Return To WWE, MSG Tribute To Bruno Sammartino (Photo), 2012 Rumble

- WWE uploaded the full 2012 Royal Rumble match to their YouTube channel, which you can watch in the video above. Sheamus went on to win the Rumble, and faced Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship in the main card opening match of WrestleMania 27.

- Brooke Hogan spoke to TV Insider about MTV's The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars, which premiered this past Tuesday. During the interview, she discussed her father Hulk Hogan possibly returning to WWE one day. Hulk was fired by WWE in 2015 shortly before a tape containing him making racist remarks was made public.

"I know that he will always have a relationship with Vince no matter what has happened publicly. They have had a friendship and business relationship for so long. I think that time heals all," Hogan said. "That is what I keep telling him and everybody who asks. With a certain amount of time, people can't be crucified for what they've done wrong. It's what I always tell people. Don't judge my dad on the one thing he did wrong and not on all the things he did right. For such a long time he was such a huge role model for kids and such a positive thing. That's the one thing about this business is you get tormented for the one thing that is negative versus all the great things you have done.

"I told my dad that times heals all and slowly all those things will go down to the bottom and the cream will rise to the top. Hopefully, WWE will recognize he was the name the company was mostly built around. He was had that company on his back and the reputation and really did a lot of good for WWE. I hope they don't discount that."

- Madison Square Garden paid tribute to the late Bruno Sammartino with the graphic below at the arena. While the actual number of sellouts he's had at the World's Most Famous Arena is not known, he has had more than any other wrestler.


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