Daniel Bryan Watches His First-Ever WWE Match, Naomi Comments On Racism, Fans On Bobby Lashley

- Above, Daniel Bryan watches his first-ever match in WWE while he was on NXT when it was still a competition series. Bryan would go up against Chris Jericho and lose via submission. Bryan noted how bad his hair looked back then and said he did that on purpose with the thought that he was a "rookie" who only had the wrestling side down, but needed help with the entertainment side of WWE. The story would be his Pro, The Miz, would help him with those aspects of becoming a successful Superstar.

- WWE's latest poll asked fans, "Who do you want to see Bobby Lashley face first following his return?" As of this writing, the results are: Brock Lesnar (56 percent), Braun Strowman (18 percent), Samoa Joe (10 percent), Roman Reigns (8 percent), and John Cena (6 percent).

- Naomi tweeted some photos and her thoughts about how she deals with negativity and racism on a daily basis. "I deal with negativity and racism like this on a daily basis, but I don't allow it to bring me down. I encourage others who are experiencing the same or any type of bullying to be strong stay positive and not let the actions of others change who you are." Naomi won the WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal last weekend.


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