GRR Surprise Entrant To Join Shinsuke Nakamura On SmackDown?, Rey Mysterio Talks Custom Gear, GRR

- Cathy Kelley gives full results of WWE's Greatest Royal Rumble event in this new WWE Now video.

- As noted, Japanese Sumo wrestler Hiroki Sumi entered the 50-Man Greatest Royal Rumble match at #7 and was eliminated in less than one minute by 2018 WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry. WWE's website reports that Sumi is a former Sumo wrestler who used the name Hishofuji for 12 years. His career was highlighted by a 22-match winning streak.

WWE announced the following on Suki and teased a WWE future for him:

Who was Greatest Royal Rumble Match entrant Hiroki Sumi?

Among the many surprises in the historic 50-Man Greatest Royal Rumble Match, the one with, perhaps, the least explanation was the emergence of Hiroki Sumi.

Entering at No. 7, Sumi's impressive size, coupled with the overall mystique of who this guy was, immediately earned attention. And although he only lasted in the match for less than a minute thanks to WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry Sumi's entry into the match was still of interest to the WWE Universe long after he was gone.

What's known about Sumi is that he's a former sumo wrestler who competed under the name Hishofuji for 12 years a career that was highlighted by a 22-match win streak. At the height of his sumo prowess, Sumi was said to weigh in at nearly 500 pounds.

The most interesting thing, though, may be that Sumi's Twitter avatar features a photo of him alongside SmackDown LIVE Superstar Shinsuke Nakamura.

Was Sumi's appearance a one-time only thing? Or will we see him in the corner of Nakamura on SmackDown LIVE someday? Either way, the reemergence of Sumi will be hard to miss.

- Below is backstage video of Rey Mysterio after his run in the 50-Man Match in Saudi Arabia today. Rey says 2018 has been his year now that he's competed in two Rumble matches. Rey says he feels honored and blessed to be a part of the first-ever Greatest Royal Rumble. Rey also talks about paying respects to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the loyal fans with the custom ring gear he wore for the match. Rey's name in Arabic was included on the front of his gear.


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