Hot Topic Posts Bullet Club "II Sweet" Video, Cody Rhodes Shows Off Nasty Cut (Photo), Kenny Omega

- Above is a video Hot Topic posted introducing the new band, "II Sweet." The video features Cody Rhodes, Marty Scurll, Adam Page, and The Young Bucks as a pop sensation band. The video ends showing a new t-shirt and record from the band. A link on the YouTube page sends fans to their store with a graphic that says "Got you! II Sweet is not a band, and today is April Fools' Day!" On the plus side, Hot Topic is doing a 30% off sale in their store.

- From this week's ROH show, below are videos of Cody talking about Kenny Omega as we are under a week before the two meet in the ring at Supercard of Honor XII. In the videos below you can see the two exchange shots at each other.

"Can anyone here name me a Kenny Omega match that they thought was great, that made them feel something," Cody said. "A match that didn't include Okada or a Bona fide superstar, Chris Jericho? No! You can't name me a match. Because that's what Kenny Omega is, he's that underground band that you swear you love his music, but you can't name any of his songs. ... The reality that he called me a reject from my former company, when he's a reject from its developmental system!"

- Earlier today, Hangman Page and Cody defeated Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega at NJPW Sakura Genesis. Cody posted a photo of a pretty nasty cut above his eye.


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