Impact Wrestling Results (4/5): Case Vs. Case Match, Road To Redemption, Lashley Vs. Brian Cage

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- Earlier today, we see Moose and Eli Drake head into the building, later tonight it will be a Case vs. Case match.

- Brian Cage and Lashley meet face-to-face later tonight. We also see the road to Redemption for Alberto El Patron and Impact World Champion Austin Aries.

- Lashley makes his way to the ring and has something to say. He says every time the next big thing comes along they always set their eyes on him. Lashley continues that he is the top of the food chain and that Cage's win was a fluke victory. Lashley wants one more match and if Cage can pass the test, then he'll be somebody. Cage heads out to the ring.

Lashley vs. Brian Cage

Cage poses on the apron and Lashley knocks him down to the floor and stomps away. Lashley tosses Cage in the ring and the match gets officially started as Lashley continues to stomp away on his opponent in the corner. Lashley with a should tackle, vertical suplex, and looks for a spear, but Cage jumps over him. Cage lifts and drops Lashley down to the mat, cover, two.

Cage nearly hits the referee with the discus lariat, Lashley with a lowblow as the ref was shoved aside. Lashley with a side suplex, cover, two-count. Cage gets sent out to the floor for a moment. Action back in the ring, Cage with an electric chair sit out, german suplex, death valley driver, cover, one. Multiple corner clotheslines by Cage. Both men out on the floor now, Cage with a body slam on the ramp and then tosses Lashley into the steps. Lashley up on the apron, Cage on the second rope with a deadlift suplex, cover, two-count.

Cage goes up to the second rope, Lashley follows and nails a big superplex, pin, two. Cage goes for drill claw, nope, release german suplex, but Cage pops back up. Cage tries for a discus lariat, no, Lashley with a spear, cover, two! Jumping knee to Lashley's jaw, drill claw lands this time and that will do it.

Winner: Brian Cage via Pinfall

- In Studio, Sonjay Dutt and Josh Mathews talks Cage picking up two straight matches against Lashley. Also, "Case vs. Case" between Moose and Drake and a preview of the announced Redemption PPV matches thus far.

- Allie heads to the ring in huff, she gets on the mic and tells everyone she's really, really mad. She calls out Su Yung for jumping her from behind like a coward. Allie tells Yung, "get your ass out here right now!" Crowd popped for that. Yung finally heads out with a kendo stick in hand. Yung poses on the apron and Allie knocks her off, looks like we have a match!

Allie vs. Su Yung

Allie stomps away at her opponent, throws her in the corner. Allie tries for a superkick, blocked, Yung kicks her in the stomach (maybe? looked a little low) and lands another to the face, cover, two as we head to break. Yung continues to swing wildly, drags Allie to the corner, couple kicks.

Allie is dropped hard to the mat, pin, two-count. Yung is not happy, grabs the kendo stick, but Allie superkicks it away. Couple clotheslines, Allie dumps Yung into the second turnbuckle and a dropkick to Yung's backside. Suplex into the corner. Braxton Sutter runs out to the ring and momentarily distracts Allie, but she hits a codebreaker, cover, 1-2-no! Allie is not happy, looks for a superkick, Sutter grabs her ankle, Yung gets the kendo stick and hammers Allie with it before heading to the back.

Winner: Allie via DQ

- Rosemary challenges Taya Valkyrie to a match next week.

- Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell talks with Josh Mathews and Matt Sydal about Sydal losing the Grand Championship. Mathews is really broken up about losing his gifted title saying it's more important than his wife. Mathews says next week he's going to go one-on-one with Petey Williams because he proved once he was "tough enough."

- Backstage, KM rushes Richard Justice and tells him he has a match right now! We go to commercials.

- KM heads down to the ring with Justice already there. KM says Justice is fat and an embarrassment to the pro wrestling industry. Justice tells KM to knock it off. KM cracks some awful jokes. He then sucker punches Justice, out comes Fallah Bahh to drop KM. Cult of Lee is out now and they take down Bahh. Tyrus makes his way out who headbutts Lee out of the way, tosses KM and throws Konley down on both Lee and KM. Tyrus gets on the mic and goofs around with a kid in the crowd who supposedly said KM is known more as Sienna's valet than a wrestler. Tyrus says don't bully or body shame.

- Backstage, McKenzie talks to Drake about his upcoming Case vs. Case match. Drake does an impression of Moose being a "dummy" for taking this match because Drake is walking out with both cases.

Johnny Impact vs. Taiji Ishimori

Handshake gets us started. Sportsmanship! Johnny gets going early on and tries for the first first cover the match. Ishimori finally gets some offense in, lands a dropkick and Johnny heads out to the floor for a moment. Ihismori with some misdirection, sit down senton takes down Johnny. Hurricanrana sends Johnny to the floor. Ishimori lands a golden moonsault to the floor.

Ishimori with a double stomp. Both in the middle of the ring throwing back and forth strikes. Johnny catches Ishimori in midair, drops him to the mat, standing shooting star press. Johnny sits his opponent up on the top rope, goes up, Ishimori tries for a sunset flip powerbomb, no, step-up hurricanrana by Ishimori, pin, two. Ishimori tries for 450 Splash, rolls through. Johnny with a springboard kick on Ishimori, starship pain lands, 1-2-3.

Winner: Johnny Impact via Pinfall

- Post-match, Johnny celebrates in the ring, but out comes Kongo Kong with Jimmy Jacobs. Johnny tries to strike first, but Kongo catches him and hits a big headbutt. Another headbutt sends Johnny into the steps. Johnny with a kick and follows that up with a corkscrew flip over the top rope that crushes Kongo. Jacobs holds off his guy as they back up the ramp.

- We see Aries' highlights in Impact thus far as Alberto El Patron says Aries still needs to prove himself by defeating him. Aries says he takes the responsibility serious to bring Impact up another level. Alberto talks about how in Mexico you get one shot and he's going to take that mentality with him when he faces Aries. Alberto says he also has something to prove to himself after getting stripped of the title as we see headlines of when Alberto had an altercation with Paige at an Orlando Airport. Aries mentions how both he and Alberto having been playing mind games as we get closer to the match. Alberto says he knows Aries is not actually happy though because he knows he's not the real champion until he defeats Alberto.

- Backstage, McKenzie wondered if Moose is worried about losing his case tonight. Moose says that he's never lost a one-on-one match against EC3 and 2018 is his year.

- LAX Lair, the group is in a good mood now that the titles are back in their hands. Konnan mentions how Moose or Drake will have that tag team opportunity, but it doesn't matter because they've run through everybody. Konnan literally runs through the whole tag division of teams they've beat.

Eli Drake vs. Moose (Case vs. Case Match)

Drake's case has a title shot at the World Tag Team Titles and Moose's case has an Impact World Championship title shot, whoever wins, gets both cases. Moose getting the best of Drake early one, Drake heads to the top rope and Moose with a dropkick that sends Drake all the way to the floor. Moose follows and hits with some chops. Moose doing just fine until Drake sends him face-first into the ring post.

Back from break both wrestlers are in the ring now with Drake swinging away at Moose. He shoves Moose into the corner and jams his shoulder into Moose's midsection. Drake with an eye poke. Moose tries charging into the corner, Drake moves out of the way. Drake with a power slam, drops the elbow, cover, two-count. Drake continues to dominate, does some taunting as Moose tries to get back into this thing. Moose with a headbutt to Drake, couple big splashes into the corner by Moose. Big buckle bomb by Moose followed up by a running low dropkick. Moose accidentally hits the referee after Drake ducked out of the way.

oVe shows up and they go after Moose because he's a friend of Eddie Edwards. Drake bails out of the ring, Edwards grabs Callihan from behind and chases him off. Moose tosses Dave out of the ring and give Jake a pop-up powerbomb. Drake now has the bat, clocks Moose, wakes up the ref, covers, 1-2-no! Drake hits gravy train and picks up the win and both cases.

Winner: Eli Drake via Pinfall (He now has title shots at the tag and world championship)


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