Impact Wrestling Results (4/12): Rosemary And Taya Valkyrie Collide, New Redemption Matches

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- Recap from earlier in the week with Alberto El Patron showing up for the Redemption Press Conference, but then no showing Friday's Lucha Underground vs. Impact Wrestling show. At that show, we see Austin Aries announcing Pentagon Jr. and Fenix will take place at Redemption for the Impact World Championship. We see clips of matches from the show and comments from Willie Mack, DJZ, Eli Drake, Matt Striker, and Tommy Dreamer. The common thread between all of the comments is coming together to show off more pro wrestling to the fans.

- Eli Drake out to the ring with two cases in-hand. Drake says it's not often that he's wrong, but he's going to admit it. Crowd with the "What?" treatment and Drake says "Huh?" back to them a bunch of times and tells them "Shut up dummies." Comments on Chris Adonis leaving the company and says he has a tag partner in mind when he goes up against the Impact World Tag Team Champions, LAX. LAX heads out to the ring and Konnan demands to know what fool would actually team up with Drake.

Out comes Scott Steiner who calls the crowd white trash and gives a recap of his career, tells Millennials to go on their cell phones and look him up. "I'm world famous, b----!" Konnan makes fun of Steiner's speaking skills and says no one disrespects LAX. He then calls out that Drake can't trust Steiner because he might not show up or might just beat up Drake before the match even gets started. Konnan calls Drake a "future has-been" and Steiner a "has-been." Drake gets in some lame jokes, his music plays first, but Konnan cuts it off and says the champions music should play, not the ex-champions.

- In Studio, Josh Mathews and Sonjay Dutt preview some of tonight's match. They then talk about how Pentagon Jr. and Fenix have been added to the Redemption PPV. Also, Rosemary vs. Taya Valkyrie in a Demon's Dance Match in tonight's main event. Mathews will be taking on Petey Williams tonight.

- GWN Flashback, Jade vs. Rosemary in a Six Sides of Steel Match. Rosemary hits Jade with mist, Red Wedding, and Rosemary picks up the win.

Sami Callihan vs. Moose

Callihan out to the ring on his own, Moose getting a fast start in this one thus far. Callihan grounded in the corner and Moose hits a running dropkick. Moose tires to chop his opponent, but he rolls to the floor, Moose follows and still hits a chop on him. Both on the apron, step-up enziguri, springboard kick, and a suicide dive lands clean on Moose. Callihan out to the floor and lights up Moose's chest with some chops.

Moose with a powerbomb on the apron, picks up Callihan and lands another flush on the mat. Both in the ring now, Moose behind Callihan who grabs the ref and lowblows Moose with a kick as we go to break. Another kick by Callihan, cover, two. He tries for a bunch of chops, but Moose starts up the "Moose" taunt and looks to hulk up, brother!

Big dropkick lands from Moose, but he's tripped up in the corner. Callihan with a boot to the face and taunts the crowd a bit. Moose with a powerbomb and a running senton, cover, two-count. Callihan heads up to the second, Moose grabs him and lands go to hell, cover, close three. Both wrestlers end up on the second rope again, Callihan bites Moose and goes for a sunset flip powerbomb, nope, he pulls Moose down, kick to the head, powerbomb, cover, two. Callihan with another few kicks to the face, Moose with a discus lariat. Callihan grabs his baseball bat, smacks Moose in the mug, ref calls the match.

Winner: Moose via DQ

- He swings away again on Moose and out comes oVe to help beat up Moose. Eddie Edwards runs out and momentarily helps Moose out, but Callihan smacks him with a bat to stop that. oVe stretches him out for another swing and Edwards' wife (Alisha Edwards) runs out to stop them. Callihan turns his attention to her and the lights suddenly go out. When the lights go up, Tommy Dreamer is in the ring with a kendo stick and clears out the ring.

Dreamer gets on the microphone and says oVe has been trying to start a revolution, but he has solders in Moose and Edwards to fight them off. At Redemption it will be a 6-man House of Hardcore Match.

- Josh Mathews and Matt Sydal out to the ring. Mathews talks how it's rare he's in the ring, talks about losing his title to Austin Aries, and how how he's going to defeat Petey Williams.

Josh Mathews (with Matt Sydal) vs. Petey Williams

Mathews getting his stretch on, telling the referee to keep Williams back while he figures it out. Williams tries to get Mathews who ends up running around the ring to stretch out some more. Williams charges in and Mathews gets out of the ring to meditate a bit. Dutt makes fun of Mathews' wrestling attire. Sydal with a slight distraction, Mathews with a strike to the back, but it does nothing. He runs around the ring screaming as Williams chases.

Mathews gets another distraction by Sydal and tries for a canadian destroyer, but ends up getting put into a sharpshooter. Sydal tries to run in, Williams sees him and he backs out. Mathews tries for a roll-up, two. Sydal in again, Williams kicks him and tries for a canadian destroyer, but Mathews yet again strikes from behind. Williams looks to give Mathews a canadian destroyer, but Sydal kicks Williams in the head and the referee calls the match.

Winner: Petey Williams via DQ

- Recap of the rivalry between Lashley and Brian Cage. Lashley called Cage's first win a fluke and wanted a rematch to see if Cage could pass the test. Cage ended up getting a second victory over Lashley.

- Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell talks with Johnny Impact about Kongo Kong and Jimmy Jacobs. Johnny stumbles through some lines and makes fun of Jacobs and Kongo's makeup. Kongo and Jacobs show up, Jacobs says that Johnny still isn't taking them seriously and Kongo is going to pop that bubble Johnny is living in very soon. Johnny says he's not amused and doesn't think it's funny they are interrupting his interviews and attacking him after his match last week. Johnny says next week, he'll be waiting in the ring and invites them to show up. Kongo stares at Johnny and Jacobs pushes him back.

- Last week, KM rips on Richard Justice's weight and beats him up. This brought out Fallah Bahh and Tyrus who ended up fighting off KM and the Cult of Lee.

KM, Caleb Konley, and Trevor Lee vs. Richard Justice, Fallah Bahh, and Tyrus

Bahh gets things going with Lee, gets him to drop down, steps on his back. Bahh with a steamroller over Lee's entire body. In comes Justice, he pops Konley and then Lee. KM is tagged in and Justice with a bunch of punches to KM's mug. Lee hits kick to Justice's back and KM drops the big man. Lee is in now and swings away at Justice. Konley is quickly tagged in pops Justice in the face while taunting his teammates.

Tyrus makes it into the ring and goes to work on KM. Slams him to the mat, cover, Konley breaks it up. Lee and Konley end up on the floor, Justice flops down on both guys. Tyrus drops KM, and Bahh with the big drop from the second rope, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Fallah Bahh, Richard Justice, and Tyrus via Pinfall

Rosemary vs. Taya Valkyrie (Demon's Dance Match)

These two immediately start swinging away at each other. They spill out on the floor, brawling all along the way. Taya tries to drop Rosemary down on the ramp, but Rosemary fights it off. Rosemary looks for red wedding up on the stage, no, Taya tries for road to valhalla, no. Rosemary dumps Taya down the ramp. Taya recovers, heads under the ring and tosses a bunch of chairs into the ring.

Both make their way into the ring. Chair wedged in the corner of the ring, Rosemary tries to toss Taya into that corner, Taya puts on the breaks and charges into Rosemary. She puts a chair on Rosemary and jams it in her face with her foot, running double knees. Rosemary gets a chair to the leg, cover, two. Taya with a chair on the mat in the middle of the ring. Rosemary with a slingblade sending Taya straight down on the chair.

Rosemary heads under the ring and brings out a ladder. Rosemary sets the ladder up in the corner, Rosemary nearly gets sent into it, no, Rosemary looks to suplex Taya on the ladder, but gets suplexed herself, cover, two. Rosemary finally launches Taya into the ladder, heads out to the floor and grabs a table, sets it up in the ring. Rosemary charges in on Taya, misses and ends up running into that chari that was wedged in the corner. Taya moves the table into the corner of the ring and puts Rosemary on it.

Both Rosemary and Taya are up on the second rope near the table. Rosemary tries for the red wedding, but Taya fights out of it. Road to valhalla attempt, headbutts by Rosemary. Rosemary with a piledriver through the table, cover, 1-2-3!

Winner: Rosemary via Pinfall

- Recap of this past weekend's Lucha Underground vs. Impact Wrestling event. Matt Striker talks about how it's great that LU and Impact worked together to put together a bigger show in a world that typically looks to divide. Sonjay Dutt hyped how there were so many first-time matches at the event. We see clips from a bunch of different matches including: Eddie Edwards, Sami Calliihan, Pentagon Jr, Willie Mack, Killshot, LAX, King Cuerno. Don Callis ended up throwing in the towel for Eddie Edwards in a "I Quit" Match against Sami Callihan.

Aries talks Alberto El Patron no showing the event despite showing up for the Redemption Press Conference earlier that day. Aries says Alberto sat that and said with a straight face that this was "his company." Aries says this is the difference between him and Alberto, lots of guys like to talk about it, but not Aries, he's a "no bulls---" type of guy. Tommy Dreamer talks how he's not into politics and we see Aries announcing the main event for Redemption at a House of Hardcore event.


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