Impact Wrestling Results (4/19): Go Home Show For Redemption PPV, Brian Cage, Intergender Tag Match

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- Two weeks ago, we see the brawl between Alberto El Patron and Austin Aries at the Redemption Press Conference in New Orleans. Clips from Aries vs. Pentagon Jr. vs. Fenix are shown at Lucha Underground vs. Impact Wrestling. After the match, Aries talks about how El Patron said with a straight face this was his company, while Aries says he is a no bulls--- type of guy who can party it up and still handle all of his responsibilities. Aries then announced the Redemption main event at a House of Hardcore event in New Orleans.

Braxton Sutter and Su Yung vs. Fallah Bahh and Kiera Hogan

Sutter and Yung try for the early attack, but Hogan and Bahh fight them off. Bahh charges in, gets an elbow to the face, tries for a second rope jump, but a belly-to-belly suplex drops Sutter. Bahh with a steamroller over Sutter, Hogan with a crossbody off the top rope and nearly lands right on Yung's head. Hogan with a low dropkick, Yung tags out, Hogan able to ground Sutter and drop down on his back. Bahh tagged in, tries to drop down on Sutter, misses, Yung is tagged in and hits a low dropkick to Bahh's face.

Yung tries to drag Bahh and he goes nowhere, so she quickly tags out. Sutter tosses him out to the floor, couple chops, back in the ring, distracts the referee while Yung hits a cannonball dive off the apron to the floor. Action back in the ring, Sutter bites Bahh, but ends up getting a samoan drop. Women are tagged in, Hogan with a kick to the side of Yung's face. Couple charges into the corner, big elbow, boot to the face, pin, two-count.

Hogan gets slapped upside the head, butterfly suplex, she tries for a move, Sutter breaks it up and gets slapped in the face. Yung with a throat chop. Bahh nearly crushes Ref Riley, who's now distracted by Sutter. Yung hits Bahh in the back with a kendo stick, does nothing. Sutter sends Bahh out to the floor, Yung hits the panic switch on Hogan and that will do it.

Winner: Su Yung and Braxton Sutter via Pinfall

- Post-match, Yung heads up the ramp and Allie strikes from behind. Sutter pulls Allie away and Yung punches her in the midsection. Sutter trying to break these two up as Allie strikes back again and again until enough referees show up to separate them.

- Later tonight: Johnny Impact vs. Kongo Kong.

- Pluto Moment of the Week: Rhyno pinning Jeff Jarrett via a spear to win the title.

- LAX Lair, Santana and Ortiz trying to figure out how to handle Scott Steiner who has no soul or compassion. Konnan wonders if he'll even show up though, he might be late or just beat up Eli Drake. Konnan says Steiner's time has come and gone and they are the now. Santana tries to walks out with the mystery case and Konnan takes it back as they bounce from the lair.

- In Studio, Josh Mathews and Sonjay Dutt talk about Lucha Underground vs. Impact Wrestling and the main event of Redemption. They also preview Kongo vs. Johnny.

- Backstage, Jimmy Jacobs talks with McKenzie Mitchell and says she's pretty, and asks how it feels to get things just for her looks. That's his problem with Johnny Impact. Jacobs says Kongo has never had that and he's going to pop Johnny's bubble. He says Kongo is going to ruin Johnny's pretty face, maybe gouge out an eye. McKenzie is very much freaked out.

- Vignette for oVe as we see the rivalry between Callihan and Eddie Edwards. Everything from Edwards getting hit with the baseball bat, Callihan stalking his wife, and Edwards trying to come to Ohio and attack oVe. We see Alisha Edwards save Edwards last week and Tommy Dreamer randomly showed up to challenge oVe along with Edwards and Moose.

- GWN Flashback of the Week Match. We see the last half of Kurt Angle taking on Bobby Roode. Near the end of the match, Angle Slam hits, Angle goes for the cover and uses the ropes as leverage to pick up the victory.

- KM heads to the ring and wants to start up an open challenge, but he doesn't want just any talent, he wants top talent. Guys like The Brooklyn Brawler, and a bunch of other random jobbers...err, talent enhancement. Out comes Brian Cage! KM says that they are boys, "fist bump bro!" KM says Cage can head off to Gold's Gym and he tries to head off.

Brian Cage vs. KM

Cage pulls KM back into the ring and the match gets going. Cage with a bunch of clotheslines in the corner. Launches KM into the other corner, kick to the head, release german suplex. KM on the apron, Cage with a deadlift suplex off the second rope. Cage up to the top rope and hits a flying elbow. Cage hits an F-5 for the victory.

Winner: Brian Cage via Pinfall

- Vignette of Jimmy Jacobs talks about meeting Kongo Kong 18 years ago and wanting to make a monster out of him. Creating some chaos. We see a bunch of clips of Kongo destroying Joseph Park/Abyss. He then gets to Johnny Impact (or "Johnny Gorgeous") and says Kongo maybe needs to break a bones, mess up some eyes, it will be quite a sight. "There can be only one monster at Impact Wrestling."

Johnny Impact vs. Kongo Kong

Johnny looks for a test of strength right off the bat and ends up kicking Kongo in the midsection. Kongo grabs him and sends him backwards over the top rope. Action back in the ring, Kongo with a shoulder block that spins Johnny into oblivion. Kongo steps on his back, throws him into the corner, big splash, belly-to-belly suplex. Kongo with a rolling senton over Johnny, cover, two.

Kongo tries to drop down, misses, Johnny with a running knee and fire away with some elbows. He follows that up with a standing shooting star press, cover, one-count. Kongo up and headbutts Johnny down. Johnny tries using his speed to get around Kongo. Johnny springboards in, Kongo catches him but Johnny ends up landing on his feet. Kongo finally blasts Johnny down to the floor. Kongo tries to send Johnny into the steps, he leaps over and comes back, launching himself off the steps, but gets shoved back into the steps. Kongo with a rolling senton into the steps.

Kongo goes to pick up the steps, Referee tries to stop him and Kongo throws the Referee into the guardrail! He then puts the steps up on the apron and sends Johnny face-first into the steel steps. Johnny is bleeding from his face as Kongo and Jacobs look on and then head to the back.

Winner: Johnny Impact via DQ

- Backstage, they show Johnny Impact being tended to for his injuries sustained against Kongo Kong.

- Recap Allie winning the Impact Knockouts Championship from Laurel Van Ness. We then see a number of highlights from Allie and Su Yung's rivalry. Allie says she was once afraid of monsters, but isn't anymore.

- Matt Sydal talks about the path to enlightenment. We then see Petey Williams winning the X Division championship opportunity. Sydal says since Williams was once an X Division there is a chance he could take the title, but has he opened up his third eye? That's super important. Williams talking about how he badly wants to become champion again. We see old school footage of Williams pulling off the canadian destroyer. The two will meet on Sunday at Redemption.

- A look back at Eli Drake bringing out Scott Steiner as his tag team partner to face LAX for the World Tag Team Titles at Redemption. Steiner throws down Richard Justice, "God I hate fat asses!"

- Backstage, McKenzie talks with Eli Drake who say people have been wondering if he's feeling done and out because he lost the title. He's not (dummy) because he has not only a tag title shot, but a world title shot too. Steiner shows up and says he likes Drake's style and he's going to help deliver him the tag titles. Steiner talks some trash about LAX and bounces.

- We're going back to Lucha Underground vs. Impact Wrestling to see the main event of Austin Aries vs. Pentagon Jr. vs. Fenix in a non-title match.

Austin Aries vs. Fenix vs. Pentagon Jr.

Everyone is hitting everyone after a bit of taunting. All three end up down on the mat for a few moments. Aries tossed out to the floor with Fenix and Pentagon in the ring. Fenix with a boot to the head, bounces on the ropes moonsaults down. He grabs Pentagon's arm, goes to the top rope, gets chopped, but stays on the ropes, hops back to the top rope and pulls off an arm drag sending Pentagon out of the ring.

Aries gets in and goes to work on Fenix, elbow to his back off the second rope, cover, pin. Pentagon Jr. runs in and hits a backstabber on Aries, but Aries also pulls off a DDT on Fenix. Pentagon tries to pin Aries, then Fenix, but two-count both time. Aries tries to get Pentagon, gets dropped, Pentagon looks to fly, but Fenix hits a rolling cutter to stop that. Aries in now and hits some big chops to Fenix, hits the ropes and nails a suicide dive on Pentagon Jr. Fenix with a step-up twisting senton!

Fenix and Pentagon with plenty of back and forth action, Pentagon with a delayed powerbomb, cover, two. Aries with a neckbreaker over the ropes on Pentagon, Aries head to the top and nails a 450 splash off the top rope! Fenix looks for a muscle buster, Aries escapes, tries a schoolboy, two, last chancery locked in, but Pentagon stomps that out.

Fenix and Pentagon work together as they look to eliminate Aries from the match. They both try for a cover and end up chopping away at each other. Aries joins the chop party and gets double superkicked right out of the ring. Pentagon and Fenix go back and forth, crazy pop-up powerbomb on Fenix, cover, two. Pentagon driver hits, 1-2-3.

Winner: Pentagon Jr. via Pinfall

- Hype video for Redemption is shown featuring basically the whole roster, including those who aren't on the show.


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