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* New Impact World Champion Pentagon Jr. will appear
* A look at DJZ's one-year journey back
* Austin Aries addresses the roster in a Town Hall meeting
* Knockouts Champion Allie defends against Taya Valkyrie
* Impact Tag Team Champions Eli Drake & Scott Steiner defend against The LAX
* Brian Cage vs. Trevor Lee
* Moose vs. Braxton Sutter

- Recap of last Sunday's Redemption PPV where Pentagon Jr. won the Impact World Championship.

- Austin Aries talks with a number of Impact Wrestlers after losing his title. Aries has sling on (with a banana in it) after Pentagon snapped his arm during the match. Aries says we're still good because he has a Impact Grand Championship. Moose says for a guy who doesn't have any excuses, he has a lot of excuses. Aries tells him just like the NFL, work the front lines and protect the superstar. Moose tells him off and that causes everybody else to head out.

- Don Callis remains on commentary with Josh Mathews.

Brian Cage vs. Trevor Lee (with Caleb Konley)

Lee stalling a bit at first, trying to test Cage's strength and gets sent out to the floor. Cage with an uppercut, kick, picks up and launches Lee over his head. Lee pulls the referee in front of him and pops Cage in the face. Cage tries to suplex Lee to the floor and Lee bites his hand. Lee out to the apron, hits a double stomp down to the apron and follows that with a punt kick to Cage's mug. Action back in the ring, Lee's hits a german suplex with the bridge, two-count.

Lee distracts the referee as Konley momentarily attacks Cage. Lee with a couple kicks, they do nothing as Cage launches him into the corner, multiple clotheslines flatten Lee. Spinning powerslam, tries for a second rope moonsault, misses and Lee kicks him out to the floor. Lee tries for another punt kick, nope, gets yanks face first to the apron. Cage takes down a charging Konley. Deadlift suplex from the second rope, drill claw, 1-2-3.

Winner: Brian Cage via Pinfall

- Outside, a mad Eddie Edwards heads into the building, Tommy Dreamer tries to stop him and tell him to go back to the hospital to be with his wife, Alisha Edwards. Last Sunday, Edwards whacked a bunch of people with a kendo stick, including his wife, by mistake.

- Commentary, Mathews and Callis recap what happened with Edwards, both agreeing he should be at the hospital.

- Out to the ring comes Edwards and he grabs a microphone. He says he put Sami Callihan in the hospital last week, but his job isn't done because Jake and Dave Crist are in the building. Edwards demands oVe comes out and if they don't, he will drive to Dayton, Ohio and put both of Jake and Dave's wives in the ICU. Both Jake and Dave head out and Edwards lands a suicide dive on Jake. They swing away on him, but he gets in the ring and hits another suicide dive on the brothers.

Dave gets sent into the steps, Jake tossed into the ring and gets swung on. Dave jumps back in and the duo stomps away on Edwards. oVe finally gets control for a moment, Dave charges in and goes right into the ring post. Edwards with a clothesline on Jake. Edwards goes under the ring and brings out a kendo stick. We see up on the screen Alisha Edwards in the hospital as is Sami Callihan who rolls into the room in a wheelchair with balloons in front of his face. He has some scissors, cuts the string, and his face still all beat up from Edwards' attack. He says he just wants to talk and we then see Edwards run out to the back.

- Highlights from the Impact World Championship match at Redemption where Pentagon Jr. pinned Austin Aries for the title.

- Later tonight: Eli Drake and Scott Steiner vs. LAX for the Impact World Tag Titles.

- GWN Flashback Moment of the Week: The Steiner Brothers taking on the Dudley Boys in a table match. With some help from the Motor City Machine Guns, The Steiner Brothers pick up the victory.

- Later tonight: Allie defends the Knockouts Championship against Taya Valkryie. Also, Moose vs. Braxton Sutter.

- Vignette of DJZ talking about an injury while in Mexico that sent him to the hospital. He was released, then passed out once back home. He had internal bleeding and at that wondered if he would get back to wrestling. DJZ said Redemption was very fitting for him as he worked his way back to the ring.

Braxton Sutter vs. Moose

Sutter on the mic, "I got something to say!" and Moose's music hits. Sutter stars yelling at Moose and slaps him in the face. Moose immediately grabs him and tosses Sutter into the corner, big chops to the chest. Moose sits Sutter up on the top turnbuckle, standing dropkick sends Sutter all the way to the floor.

Action back in the ring, Sutter gets Moose to the mat and slaps away at Moose's head, which just gets the big man fired up. Sutter with some punches, Moose hits a headbutt, couple splashes in the ring and a running dropkick. Moose hits a spear, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Moose via Pinfall

- Post-match, Moose gets the mic and sends congrats to Pentagon Jr. He continues that he might be the world champion, but Moose is Mr. Impact Wrestling and he's the guy who will take the title from the champ.

- Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell talks with X Division Champion Matt Sydal. She notes that Sydal did it without her spiritual advisor who said Sydal doesn't need him to win. Sydal said next week he will take on Ishimori for the title. Some random person needs help as he's knocked out on the floor. There's a red sign with a circle and an X on his chest.

- LAX Lair, Ortiz is bugging out, first they lose the title and now no Konnan. Santana is trying to figure out what's going on (wonders if Homicide sold out the group) and thinks they need to find out what happened to Konnan. Ortiz says the title are more important and focus on what's important right now. He wants Santana's head in the game to get back those titles, then they will break down doors to find Konnan.

Allie (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie (Impact Knockouts Championship)

Allie heads out and has her bunny section in full force, she tries to have some fun and put bunny ears on Ref Riley. Valkyrie immediately charges in a drops Allie. She stomps away at Allie, and really puts together a string of offense. Couple chops to the chest, but Allie gets fired from up that and lights up Valkyrie with some chops of her own. Valkyrie fights back and kicks away at Allie's head, charges in, but gets sent head-first into the second turnbuckle. Allie tries for a dropkick, nope, Valkyrie with another kick.

These two are being incredibly aggressive in this match. Allie with a running forearm, side russian leg sweep, cover, two-count. "Allie!" chant from the crowd. Allie looks for sliced bread, nope, gets shoved into the turnbuckle, release german suplex, cover, two-count. Valkyrie tries for road to valhalla, no, Allie tries for a superkick no, but connects on the second one. She hits codebreaker, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Allie via Pinfall to retain the Impact Knockouts Championship

- Post-match, a bunch of undead women bring a coffin down to the ring and then head to the back. Allie is in the ring and cautiously heads over to the coffin. The lights go out and Su Yung is actually behind Allie, she attacks and starts swinging away. With Allie's feet on the ropes, Yung hits a modified pedigree. The lights go out again and Rosemary gets face-to-face with Yung. She looks to taunt her, the lights go out, and Yung is gone.

- Preview of Slammiversary XVI on July 22.

- KM apologies for fat shamming Falla Bahh and is tagging with him next week to make up for it. Bahh was incredibly confused by all of this.

- Edwards makes it to the hospital and asks where Sami Callihan is, Alisha says he just wanted to talk. Edwards wonders why she would talk to him and she wonders why he left her. Edwards finds Callihan's hospital room, leaps on him and beats the hell out of the guy. He tries to smother Callihan with a pillow. Edwards gets pushed out of the room.

- Commentary, Callis and Mathews recap what we saw tonight from Edwards and Callihan. Next week, Rosemary vs. Su Yung, along with Drago, Aerostar, Fantasma vs. DJZ, Dezmond Xavier, and Andrew Everett.

- A look back at the rivalry between Johnny Impact and Kongo Kongo (with Jimmy Jacobs). Jacobs has wanted to rough up Johnn's pretty face and that's just what they did last week by throwing him into the steps.

Eli Drake and Scott Steiner (c) vs. LAX (Impact World Tag Team Championship)

Steiner on the mic before the match. He said he told everybody he would become champion and that's exactly what he did. He botched saying "last night" he was trending on Twitter, despite it being four days later. He says Konnan wouldn't have made a difference and that Taco Bell must of had a discount going on that day. Steiner dropping the "I'm world famous, b----!" again. Drake had nothing to add to all of that. LAX charges out to the ring with Steiner and Drake heading out to the floor.

LAX go to work on Drake early on, using double team moves to keep him down. Steiner gives Ortiz the middle finger from the apron. Steiner tries to pull down the top rope, Santana jumps to the apron and superkicks him. Drake ends up dumping Santana out to the floor where Steiner throws him into the steps as we head to break. Steiner still working away on Santana, goes for a cover, two. Steiner heads up to the top rope with Santana, goes for a belly-to-belly overhead suplex and just barely gets it.

Drake gets in there, goes for a cover, two-count. Mathews says that Eddie Edwards was arrested for his attack on Callihan in the hospital. Santana drops Drake, finally tags in Ortiz, kick, low DDT, cover, but Steiner breaks it up. Santana back in the ring and boots Steiner out of the ring. Santana leaps off of Ortiz's back, cannonball. Ortiz hits the death valley driver, but Drake is able to kick out. LAX tries for their finisher, but Drake with a flipping power slam on Santana. Steiner holds Ortiz down as Drake gets the pinfall victory.

Winners: Eli Drake and Scott Steiner via Pinfall to retain the Impact World Tag Team Championship

- Post-match, Eli Drake on the mic, Steiner jumps in with a "How easy was that?" Drake tells fans they thought this was a one and done thing, nope! He puts over Steiner, calls the fans a bunch of dummies, and notes that he still has that case with a world championship opportunity. He thinks it's just about time to cash it in too. Some kids start up a chant and Drake responds "It's past your bedtime dummies, go home!" Drake is confident he will take the title back no matter who is champion.

Austin Aries heads out with all five titles over his one arm since the other is in a sling. Aries says he's not out here for trouble as they can clearly see. He sets down all of the titles minus the Impact Grand Championship. Aries notices Drake's case and says the title he has right now is the most important one in the company. "Austin Aries!" chant from the crowd. Drake doesn't care who's the Impact World Champion because it's coming home to him. Kind of a confusing promo between these two. Pentagon Jr. heads out to the stage with the title over his shoulder and a mic in his head.

Pentagon taunts Drake a bit and a quick brawl breaks out between Aries/Pentagon vs. Steiner/Drake. Aries and Pentagon toss the other two out of the ring, then hold up each of their respective titles to each other. Pentagon goes to do his hand sign and Aries doesn't stick around to watch it.