Jack Swagger Calls Out Wrestling Promotion, Four WWE Records That Won't Be Broken, Rey Mysterio

- Above is Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio from Backlash in 2003. Big Show would chokeslam Mysterio to get the pinfall victory. This is also the segment where Show swung Mysterio (who was strapped on a stretcher) into the ring post.

- WWE wrote an article on four records that will never be broken. The group includes: Undertaker 21-win WrestleMania streak, Mr. McMahon winning the WWE Title at 54 years old, Nicholas winning the Raw Tag Titles at 10 years old, and Bruno Sammartino's 2,803 day WWE Championship reign.

- Former WWE Superstar Jack Swagger called out Universal Championship Wrestling and its promoter, calling him a "conman." Swagger noted that he was warned not to work with the group and told fans not to support them. Swagger was advertised to be on their April 28 show.

Charles Barrios contributed to this article.


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