Jeff Hardy On Matt Hardy Being So "Woken", Tyler Breeze Reacts To Upset, WWE Network Shorts

- Above is backstage video of new WWE United States Champion Jeff Hardy talking to Mike Rome after his big win over Jinder Mahal on last night's Superstar Shakeup RAW episode. As noted, Jinder will get his rematch at the April 27th Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia. The winner of that match will then defend against Randy Orton at the May 6th Backlash pay-per-view.

Jeff says he just came back from an injury and his brother Matt Hardy is so "woken" that he's kind of out of control, so it feels good to just be Jeff Hardy and reunite with his fans as The Charismatic Enigma, which he's best as. Jeff is excited about going to Saudi Arabia as the United States Champion and says that's good for the both of them. Jeff says he's up for the challenge as he beat Jinder once and can beat him again, and to beat him in Saudi Arabia would be a bizarre dream come true.

- The WWE Network Shorts Collections and the March 2018 edition of WWE Music Power 10 were added to the WWE Network on Monday. Thursday will see the addition of the thirty-minute WWE Collections Spotlight on Alexa Bliss and WWE Hall of Famer Andre the Giant at 8pm EST, highlighting the recent Collections on Bliss and Andre.

WWE Music Power 10 synopsis: "The new March 2018 edition of the WWE Music Power 10 counts down the most spectacular WWE Superstar entrances on the road to WrestleMania!"

Collections Spotlight synopsis: "WWE Collections Spotlight offers a sampling of exclusive collections available on WWE Network, featuring Alexa Bliss and Andre The Giant."

- Last night's RAW saw new roster members Tyler Breeze and Fandango defeat Sheamus and Cesaro in a big upset. Breezango defeating The Bar puts them in the running for a future RAW Tag Team Title shot as The Bar will face Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt for the vacant titles at Greatest Royal Rumble on April 27th in Saudi Arabia. Breeze took to Twitter after the match and wrote the following:


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