Jerry Lawler And Jim Cornette Talk Women Not Wrestling At Friday's WWE "Greatest Royal Rumble" Event

On the most recent episode of Dinner With The King, Jerry "The King" Lawler, with his co-host Glenn Moore and guest Jim Cornette, discussed The King's upcoming trip to Saudi Arabia. The King revealed, after reading a list WWE sent out about the trip to Saudi Arabia, that he is worried he won't be able to use his 'King' monicker during the PPV.

"If I walk out there and pretend to be a King, is that going to be offensive to the royal family?" Lawler asked.

The King and Cornette discussed about the ticket prices for the Greatest Royal Rumble and some of the controversy surrounding the event and how women cannot wrestle on it. Cornette noted that WWE is making millions and millions off the event - more money than people think - so why not give the women a hefty payday while they stay at home? Lawler replied, "I think that's exactly what's happening."

You can listen to the full episode here in the video above, which also includes Cornette reacting to Lawler's match with Joey Ryan.


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