Recently, Wrestling Inc.’s own Andy Malnoske caught up with WWE Hall Of Famer Jimmy Hart. Hart talked about having a hit song in the 1960s, writing pro wrestling entrance themes, the origins of his signature megaphone, and the late-great Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan.

During the interview, Hart talked about having a so-called one-hit wonder with his band, The Gentrys. Additionally, Hart mentioned that he penned many memorable songs for WWE. 

“Well, we had one-hit wonder, we had a million-seller back in [1964 or 1965] called, ‘Keep On Dancing’.” Hart recalled, “we toured with The Beach Boys, Dick Clark. We had a good little run back then. And, of course, when I was in the WWE/WWF, I wrote ‘Sexy Boy’ for Shawn Michaels, me and my partner, The Road Warriors’ theme, Hulk [Hogan]’s ‘American Made’, The Honky Tonk Man’s Greatest Hits, The American Dream, ‘Money, Money, Money’ by, of course, Ted DiBiase. But a few things. I’m namedropping now, aren’t I?”

On the subject of Hart’s iconic megaphone, ‘The Mouth Of The South’ shared that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon literally handed him the gimmick.

“Well, one day, I was in Poughkeepsie, New York and Vince McMahon came in,” Hart remembered. “He said, ‘Jimmy, I want you to start carrying this to the ring,’ so I started carrying it ever since. I’m lucky he didn’t bring me a piano, huh?”

With respect to Bobby Heenan, Hart recalled that ‘The Brain’ would always keep everyone loose and laughing in the backstage area. Hart indicated that Heenan was probably the best pro wresting manager of all time.  

“Bobby was awesome,” Hart said. “When I went to a dressing room back in the day, you’d have Andre The Giant playing cards with Arnold Skaaland, Honky Tonk Man tuning the guitar, The Nasty Boys going over their matches, Nikolai Volkoff rehearsing the Russian national anthem, and then, there was Bobby Heenan telling jokes and keeping everybody laughing all the time. He’s really missed. He was probably the greatest of all time.”

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Source: Wrestling Inc.