John Cena Has Animated Response To The Rock's "Threat"

The Rock was recently a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and was asked whether there is a rivalry with John Cena now that both of them are actors. Rock stated that they had a great rivalry in WWE, and they "had real problems with each other" during their WrestleMania feud.

Now, Rock stated that Cena is one of his best friends, and they talk all the time. He then jokingly sent a threat to Cena, stating, "if he ever acts up, I will knock his teeth so far down his throat that he'll stick a toothbrush up his a** to brush it."

Following The Rock's appearance, Cena was also on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and responded to The Rock's threat.

"Listen up, Dwayne Johnson. If that is your real name," Cena said. "Because everybody around the word knows that your first name is T. and your last name is Herock. You just pronounce it all stupid and that gets me even more pissed off! Listen, if you think you're making threats to me by thinking shoving a toothbrush up my bum is a threat, I've got some advice for you, pal. And by pal, I totally mean my best friend, I don't mean it in an adversarial term. Watch Blockers, and then watch it again. Because if you think that shoving a toothbrush up my butt is a threat, you got news coming, pal. There's been a funnel up there, there's been a parking cone. There's more traffic in that region than a Monday on the 405 in both directions!

"No, no, no no no. I'm not just gonna take this lying down. So let's analyze what a toothbrush and toothpaste does. It cleans, right? So your threat to me is that you wanna clean my butt? Oh, okay pal, okay pal. You got the job. But if I was you, I would bring a bodysuit and latex gloves, cuz down there, it's like a Mississippi cornfield to downpour. No, no, no. It is just all mud and vegetation, pal. Okay, so the question I have for you, T. Herock, is, do you really wanna smell what John Cena's putting out?"

Although Rock and Cena had legitimate real-life animosity towards each other, with Cena commenting that the Rock was a "part-timer" during their WrestleMania feud, Cena later admitted that he regretted saying those comments, especially since he now in a position as an actor who spends less time in the WWE.

If any any these quotes are used, please be sure to credit Jimmy Kimmel Live! via Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.


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