Jonathan Coachman - WWE RAW Updates, Dolph Ziggler Looks At Weird WWE EBay Items (Video), WWE Stock

- Above is video from Dolph Ziggler's recent appearance on YouTube show Good Mythical Morning. The clip features Ziggler and the hosts looking at the weirdest WWE items on eBay.

- WWE stock was up 1.11% today, closing at $39.33 per share. Today's high was $39.57 and the low was $38.92.

- As noted, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T will return to RAW commentary on Monday's show in St. Louis. Jonathan Coachman confirmed that Booker will be taking his spot on Monday but revealed that he will be back for the April 30th RAW from Montreal. Below are some of Coach's recent tweets on the matter.

Coach indicated that he's missing Monday's show because of new work he's doing with The Golf Channel. Coach also noted that he was just joking about hiring an assistant to help with researching topics on commentary.


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