Muhammad Hassan Returns To The Ring After 13 Years, Mojo Rawley Goes Off, Pete Dunne - WWE UK Tourny

- Above is video from yesterday's The Dynasty King of Thrones in Amsterdam, New York where Muhammad Hassan returned to the ring after being away for 13 years. He came out to his old WWE music and defeated Papadon via pinfall. Hassan was released from the WWE in 2005 (and also announced his retirement from wrestling) after WWE aired a controversial SmackDown segment in which Hassan prayed on the ramp and five masked men, dressed in black, attacked Undertaker with a number of weapons. This aired unedited in the U.S. and Canada just after suicide bombings took place in London's public transport system during the morning rush hour. Mainstream media picked up on the story, plenty of backlash came after, and UPN (the channel carrying SmackDown at the time) pressured WWE to keep Hassan off TV, effectively ending his character.

- Pete Dunne talked about the upcoming WWE UK Championship Tournament being at Royal Albert Hall. Dunne said the venue looks unique and gives more of a British feel to the event. The tournament will take place on June 18 and 19.

- On Twitter, Mojo Rawley said he's been doing 25 straight hours of traveling, getting a half-day off, and then headed to Montreal for Raw. He continued, "Don't say we don't go to great lengths for y'all." This brought on some unfavorable responses, which Rawley took to task.