Roman Reigns Says Full-Timers Can't Reach Their Potential With Part-Timers Dominating 'Mania Season

Roman Reigns spoke to The New York Post to promote Sunday's WrestleMania pay-per-view. Below are a few highlights:

Paul Heyman saying Brock Lesnar is "most likely" heading to the UFC after WrestleMania:

"Not only will it help fuel this fire between Brock and I, it will get some truth that needs to be said a little bit. Some people need to hear this stuff because this has kind of been a thing. Brock's not the only part-time guy. But there are a lot of full-time guys that are never gonna, as a collective, reach our potentials if we are dominated in this portion of the year by part-time guys."

Business being better when a full-timer is champion:

"Whenever you have a champion who is on every single live event, every single house show, every single appearance that's scheduled, it changes numbers. It's true. I've seen it before. The tour we had after I beat Triple H in Dallas [at WrestleMania 32] the numbers didn't lie and it's not going to be any different [this time]."

What a victory over Lesnar would mean:

"It wouldn't only be huge for me. It would be huge for this whole locker room. This is a team thing that we do and I represent this new generation."

Reigns also discussed being cheered when he reunited with The Shield, the John Cena feud helping him, not knowing who Robert Rodriguez is and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.


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