We recently caught up with CMLL’s Sam Adonis for an exclusive interview for CSR. Among other things, Adonis weighed in on wrestling psychology, his heel character in Mexico, and his favorite and least favorite aspects of living in Mexico City.

According to Adonis, ‘wrestling psychology’ is an overused term that most people do not even understand. To Adonis, ‘wrestling psychology’ ultimately comes down to human psychology and controlling a room.

“There’s a term in pro wrestling that I think is overused, and most people have no idea what it means, and it’s ‘wrestling psychology’,” Adonis shared. “Most people have no idea what it means, but Jake Roberts is good at it. That’s kind of what ‘wrestling psychology’ means to wrestling fans, but it’s generally human psychology. What is funny? What makes people angry? What pushes their buttons? What makes them cry? And if you’re good at entertaining, if you’re good at commanding a room, and you’re also well-rounded in your ability as a wrestler or performer, generally, you are able to control these audiences and it doesn’t matter what country you’re in because if you see somebody fall down the steps, it’s funny in Mexico, sometimes it’s funny in England, sometimes it’s funny in the UK. It’s really just understanding what is going to entertain your room, and, in my opinion, that’s an asset for me in my experiences. It has been invaluable.”

On the subject of his controversial heel persona, Adonis stated that the character is not necessarily a Donald Trump supporter as much as he is willing to do anything to push people’s buttons. Moreover, Adonis claimed that he has “legitimate heat”, something that has been lost in the genre for decades.  

“The character isn’t necessarily a Donald Trump supporter. It’s not a Donald Trump character. I’m just such a loudmouth idiot that I’ll do whatever it takes to push your buttons. So chances are, if 10 people in this room have a peanut allergy, I’m probably going to come out throwing peanuts at them. That’s what Sam Adonis is in Mexico as a heel.” Adonis continued, “when I’m down there [in Mexico], I embrace the fact that I get paid to make people angry. And when I was invited to work for this company, which is the oldest wrestling company on earth, I figured, ‘what can I do to embrace this role? What can I do to make people more angry than ever and the timing was perfect. Donald Trump had just become President [of the United States] and the Mexicans aren’t the biggest fans of Donald Trump right now. So just embracing that position and making it work has created a genuine heat. The actual heat that has been lost in wrestling for the last 25, 30 years, people are legitimately angry.”

In Adonis’s view, the best thing about Mexico City is the women and the worst thing is the traffic.  

“Ooh, I would say [the best thing about Mexico City is] the women when you aren’t in a relationship with them.” Adonis added, “[the worst thing about Mexico City] could be [the women when you are in a relationship with them] or the traffic. If you think coming out here [in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania], leaving the city in rush hour is bad, it could be just as bad at 10 a.m. in Mexico City at any part.”

Check out the interview in the video above. You can also watch Adonis’s rapid-fire responses in the funny 10 questions video here.

Source: Wrestling Inc.