Scott Steiner Reveals His Dream Match And Worst Mistake He Ever Made In His Pro Wrestling Career

Scott Steiner was recently on a conference call to promote the upcoming Impact Wrestling Redemption pay-per-view, scheduled for this Sunday, April 22 inside the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. This will be Steiner's first Impact Wrestling pay-per-view since teaming up with Josh Mathews in a losing effort against Joseph Park and Jeremy Borash at the 2017 Slammiversary event. At Redemption, he will be teaming up with Eli Drake in an attempt to win the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Championships from LAX.

Steiner discussed one person he wished he would have worked with in WWE during his short singles stint from 2003-2004.

"When I first went up to WWE in 2003 they asked me who I wanted to wrestle, and I said, 'I wanna go against The Rock,'" said Steiner. "At the time, he was the best they had, and unfortunately, that didn't turn out and I got stuck with a frickin idiot. That's probably my only regret. You know, Rock's a good guy, he's a great entertainer, and I thought we could have done good things together."

When asked about a dream match, Steiner also mentioned the Rock, along with Steve Austin.

"I wrestled almost everybody. So I'd have to say the only one that could be a dream [match] was The Rock. That's one guy I never have wrestled. I used to watch... we were doing Nitro, beating Raw, but then you still would tape the other shows to see what the other company was doing. Stone Cold did his stuff, which is cool. Rock did his stuff, which is cool.

"I'd have to say Stone Cold and The Rock, because even though I wrestled Steve Austin in WCW, he wasn't Stone Cold. And I think our characters would match up good and same with The Rock. I think it could be interesting both doing interviews and in the ring. So, those two guys right there."

Steiner also commented on what he wishes he would have done and was the worst mistake he ever made in his career as a pro wrestler.

"Not going to the [WWE] in '93. It was the worst mistake I've ever made," said Steiner. "He was going to jail, or everybody thought he was going to jail. He thought he was going to jail. It was probably the worst time to be up there, and that was the first glimpse I got of Vince McMahon being a liar."

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